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Elleore Island

Elleore Island, a Danish Curiosity with Charm.


Elleore Island / Kingdom of Elleore

Elleore Island / Kingdom of Elleore

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The island of Elleore is known mainly for the annual event of Elleuge ("Elle-Week"). So what and where is Elleore?

Elleore is a small L-shaped island just 4 kilometers out in the Roskilde fjord, on Denmark's east coast of Zealand. In 1944, some Copenhagen school teachers bought Elleore and created their own little kingdom on this island (even though the population was 0). Today, Elleore is an official micronation ruled by King Leo III. It has just over 260 citizens and the capital of Elleore is Maglelille.

Elleore has its own curious laws, among them a strange currency called Leo d’Or, and an even stranger time zone - they're exactly 12 minutes ahead of Danish time. And don't bring your Robinson Crusoe book to Elleore - they are banned on this island!

Uninhabited most of the time, only the "Elleuge" event brings citizens to this island once a year (which I find quite sad). For the week-long festival, the king and queen invite their people onto the island to celebrate Elleore.

The languages spoken on Elleore are Danish and Interlingua.

Fun Fact: Elleore island spans just 15,000 square meters.

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