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The Funen Travel Guide (Fyn)

Traveling to Funen...


Map of Funen (Fyn) Denmark

Map of Funen (Fyn) Denmark

To travelers, Funen is an idyllic travel destination with romantic old houses, lots of history in the modern city of Odense, and relaxing nature everywhere else. Funen is divided in the regions of Odense, South Fyn, Midtfyn, North Fyn, and the Great Belt. It is Denmark's third-largest island (and Odense is Denmark's third-largest city). Funen has only 450,000 inhabitants, though.

How to get to Funen:
If you fly to Copenhagen, you can either take the train to Funen or rent a car in Copenhagen.

By car, travelers can reach Funen from other parts of Denmark easily. Zealand is connected to Funen with the Great Belt Bridge (toll between 16-46 Euro depending on vehicle size), and to Jutland leads the Little Belt Bridge (free).

By train, travelers can use a practical hourly train connection from Copenhagen to Funen.

Attractions on Funen:
Funen is the home to many fairytales, and also the birth place of writer Hans Christian Andersen. Odense City Museum is always worth a visit. Many beautiful castles are found here as well, like Nyborg Slot (slot means castle in Danish), Egeskov Slot, Broholm Gods, Holckenhavn Slot, and Harridslevgaard Slot.

For outdoor activities, try the open-air museum Den Fynske Landsby (Fyn Village), and Odense Zoo. In the summer, sailing, kayaking, and especially bicycling is very popular on Funen. Or, head to the best beaches in Denmark...

Good Hotels on Funen:

Dining & Nightlife on Funen:
Druen & Bønnen in the center of Odense at Vestergade 15 is a nice place for lunch after sightseeing. Odense's most popular Italian place is La Piazza at Brandts Passage 33-35. For something more unusual, visit "A Hereford Beefstouw" at Vestergade 13, which is a steak house with a little Danish flair.

Younger travelers might want to try "The Room" at Brandts Passage 8, which is a bistro during the day, and a popular club at night.

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