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Jobs in Denmark

How to Find a Job in Denmark


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Jobs in Denmark come with pros and cons. Most jobs in Denmark are steady jobs with excellent benefits and very competitive pay. However, having a job in Denmark also means high deductions.

Jobs in Denmark are easier to come by if you are trained or experienced in a specialized field of work, no matter which one. The rate of immigration is low in Denmark and the country constantly tries to recruit skilled workers from abroad.

Non-EU citizens need to apply for a work permit before taking up a job in Denmark. You have the option of trying to score high enough for a three year residence permit under the Danish Green Card scheme which will allow you to live in Denmark and find work. An offer for a job in Denmark isn't required for this option.

Or, find a job in Denmark that pays more than DKK 375,000 a year, which makes a worker eligible for a work permit through the Pay Limit program.

The Positive List program is another option to start a job in Denmark. Under this, you need skills in one of the many professions Denmark is lacking skilled workers for. Contact your local Danish embassy for individual visa requirements.

So let's get started with finding a job in Denmark. If you don't have access to local Danish newspapers for your job search, the best start is to search for jobs in Denmark on the following websites:

If you speak Danish, take a look at these popular sites for jobs in Denmark:
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