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Nudism in Denmark


Near Marielyst, Falster
Jonas Löwgren/jonas_lowgren/flickr.com Creative Commons License

Nudists love Denmark for its many "free beaches" and CO beaches (clothes optional). Nudism in Denmark is perfectly acceptable - should it be prohibited as an exception, a sign will tell (e.g. at Holmsland Klit and Henne Strand).

Since nudism in Denmark is so widespread, this country and its coastlines are not included in the list of maps of nude beaches in Scandinavia.

The nice thing is that Denmark also offers several clothes-free beaches which are officially dedicated to nudists. They are located south of Marielyst at Bøtø Strand on the island Falster, Albuen on the island Lolland, Houstrup Strand north of Hennestrand and Sønderstrand on the Island Rømø. There's so much room on these beaches that people don't have to sit within feet of each other and you can do your own thing.

Other popular naturist bathing areas are: the nude beaches around Skagen, Tannisbugten (Tannis Bay), Hirtshals, or north of Løkken, between Nr. Lyngby and Rubjerg Knude. All of the western coasts can be regarded as one large free beach by nudists in Denmark (except Holmsland Klit and Henne Strand.)

North of Aarhus Harbour, naked people are swimming and sunbathing in the nude a lot, the same goes for the Danish island Anholt, Thurø Rev at Svendborg on the island Funen (Fyn), Troldeskovens Strand between Tisvilde and Liseleje on the island Sjælland, as well as the south coast of the island Bornholm.

Note that if a beach is not a dedicated Danish nudist beach, anyone without clothing has an obligation to show consideration for the sensibilities of other users by keeping a reasonable distance from them.

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