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Tipping in Iceland

How much do you tip in Iceland?


Scandinavian Currencies

Scandinavian Currencies

Usually nothing. In Iceland, tipping isn't expected - all bills that you receive already include gratuity, and it is quite unnecessary (and uncommon) to add a tip in Iceland. You'll still get a smile and Icelanders won't think any worse of you. Tipping in Iceland is just not common.

Of course, Icelanders won't decline a tip for good service either. The appropriate amount to tip in Iceland, if you feel you've received excellent service, should be up to 10% of your bill. The best way for visitors in Iceland to show their appreciation is to leave the tip by rounding up the amount of the bill.

For example, if your bill shows 2740.- ISK and you think service was great, it would be appropriate (but not expected) to give them a total of 3000.- ISK in the local currency.

In Iceland, tipping isn't even needed for taxis - their final charges already include gratuity as well. If you come across a service that you'd like to give a tip for, though, offer a small amount or in form of "rounding up" to the nearest even amount.

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