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Toilets in Denmark - What Can You Expect From Toilets in Denmark?

How To "Do Your Business" in Denmark


Public Toilet in Copenhagen, Denmark

Public Toilet in Copenhagen, Denmark

You know you'll need to use a toilet sooner or later after arriving in Denmark. But oftentimes, foreign toilets are different from the ones we're used to. So, let's find out what you can expect from Danish toilets in times of "need".

Good Things About Toilets in Denmark:

  • There are many public restrooms (including baby changing facilities) in busy areas and close to parks, plaza squares, and popular sights.
  • Many toilets in Denmark are free, even at airports and train stations.
  • Danish restrooms are modern, clean facilities and are very handicap-friendly.
  • Toilets in Denmark are cleaned regularly, especially toilets in restaurants and shopping centers. Some public toilets in Denmark are self-cleaning.
  • There are no squat toilets!
Bad Things About Toilets in Denmark:
  • There are no squat toilets (just in case you're a fan of those.)
  • On occasion, toilets in Denmark require change, e.g. a 2 Kroner coins. Keep a couple of coins on hand.
  • Just like anywhere else, toilets at Danish airports and train stations can sometimes look and/or smell unsanitary. If you’d rather wait, simply go to the bathroom at your hotel in Denmark upon arrival.
All toilets in Scandinavia show the symbol for ladies/gents restrooms so they're easy to identify. And to all of you guys out there: Don't use a bush or a tree for your quick business. In Scandinavia, that can quickly earn you a fine.

This travel tip is part of the series Toilets in Scandinavia where you can find information about restrooms in other Scandinavian countries as well.

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