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Weather in Greenland: Temperatures, Weather & Climate


Weather in Greenland: Temperatures, Weather and Climate
Greenland Average Temperatures in Fahrenheit

Greenland Average Temperatures in Fahrenheit

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Greenland has an Arctic climate, but the size of the country causes the weather in Greenland to vary widely. Here, winters can be severely cold and the summers milder than one may think, particularly in areas which are sheltered from the prevailing winds. You can also take a look at the current local weather in Greenland's towns.

Precipitation is mostly snow in Greenland. The north of the country and large parts further south offer true Arctic weather, with the non-freezing temperatures only during the summer.

Conditions in all parts of Greeland can become hazardous when there is a combination of cold temperatures and strong winds. Please heed local advice concerning weather conditions and listen to advice from locals very carefully. Nevertheless, the summer months are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.

In midwinter in Greenland, darkness prevails. Those dark days and nights are a Scandinavian phenomenon called The Polar Nights, great for watching the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). In the summer months, daylight takes over and there is barely any night darkness. The name for this is the Midnight Sun. Learn more about Scandinavia's Natural Phenomena!.

To find out more about the weather during a specific month, visit Scandinavia by month which offers weather information, clothing tips and events for the month of your travel.

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