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The Best Cities in Denmark

Which cities in Denmark are best for visitors?


Denmark has many beautiful and historic cities worth a visit. Travel from city to city in Denmark is quick and easy with several transportation options. Most Danish cities have large pedestrian zones in the city center, great for shopping and enjoying the atmosphere.

1. Copenhagen (København)

Nyhavn (New Harbor) in Copenhagen
Nyhavn (New Harbor) in Copenhagen

Naturally, the city topping the list of the best cities in Denmark is Copenhagen. This city has it all. Founded 1167, Copenhagen is Denmark's capital and has become a modern melting pot of cozy cafes, amazing architecture and interesting history. Copenhagen's long harbor faces Øresund, the 16 km (10 mi) wide waterway which separates Denmark from Sweden.

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2. Aarhus (Århus)

Old Town Aarhus in Winter
© Ukendt/VisitDK

Aarhus is a charming city with a long history - there are so many things visitors can see and learn here. This city is also Denmark's principal port and the seafood is as fresh as it can possibly get. You'll find Aarhus on the east coast of Jutland (Denmark's western peninsula), about a 3 hour drive from Copenhagen.

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3. Aalborg (Ålborg)

City of Aalborg
T. Sienicki CC2.5

Aalborg is one of the cities in Denmark that aren't geared toward tourism, and because of that, it has retained its old-world charm of being a university town. The history of Aalborg dates back to 700 AD. Aalborg hosts the largest carnival in Northern Europe and is the northernmost city in our lineup, with the beautiful backdrop of the Limfjord. Bring your camera!

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4. Esbjerg

Esbjerg, Denmark

When it comes to Danish cities worth visiting, Esbjerg can't be left off the list. Being the largest city in the region, Esbjerg is a bustling port city in the southwest of Jutland and provides the picturesque region with lots of shopping opportunities, entertainment options and museums. From here, the island of Fanø is just a ferry ride away - don't miss out on that.

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