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How Safe is Denmark?

How Safe Denmark Really Is...


Denmark is very safe as a country. Travelers definitely don't have to worry about their safety in Denmark and women need not fear any kind of harassment. Once you've checked your Danish destination's safety tips below, also take a look at health info for Denmark.

1. How Safe is Copenhagen, Denmark?

Stroget in Copenhagen
Christan Anderson/Wondf. Copenhagen
Considering Copenhagen is such a large, busy city, it's amazing to see the low crime rates here compared to other European capitals. As with any other destination though, travelers should keep an eye on their wallets and purses. There are no "bad neighborhoods" in Copenhagen, although single travelers sometimes prefer to not enter Copenhagen's train stations late at night, to be safe. Dial 112 in emergencies (free to call).

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2. How Safe is Aarhus, Denmark?

Street in Aarhus
Aarhus has been determined to be one of the safest cities in the world. This is a destination where you truly don't have to worry about anything as long as you remember some basic travel tips and keep your purse in sight, like during crowded summer festivals in Aarhus, Denmark. No need to give petty thieves an easy target! The free emergency phone number in Aarhus is 112.

3. How Safe are Other Areas in Denmark?

Beaches in Denmark
Denmark's rural areas are very quiet and this may be not so good for your safety: Not all locals may understand English well enough to help you with a safety issue, and there will be slower response times by police and ambulances (call 112 toll-free) in rural regions of Denmark. On the upside, accidents in rural Denmark are rare and there isn't really much that can endanger your safety. Keep a flashlight in the car, and always use your headlights and seatbelts.
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