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The Santa Claus Tour

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Santa's Village in Lapland

Santa's Village in Lapland

Santa's Village in Lapland

The Bottom Line

A very interesting 5-hour tour that provides lots of tour amenities and many memories - well worth the money. But bundle up, it can be cold up there!


  • Lunch is good (and included)
  • Decent tour length
  • Thermal clothing included


  • Not available in November
  • Needs to be booked in advance


  • Transportation by bus, reindeer sled, skidoo, and/or snowmobile.
  • Good selection for lunch.
  • Lots of photo opportunities and entertaining for all ages.

Guide Review - The Santa Claus Tour

Did you know there's a guided tour of Santa Clause's origin, in the Lapland region of Finland? The Santa Claus Family Safari is a popular 5-hour guided tour available in English and Finnish.

This "Santa Claus Tour" runs from December through April starting and ending in the town of Rovaniemi, Finland. We took the tour in early December after a trip to Lapland. If you're close, you can take buses or trains to Rovaniemi, or otherwise take a look at flights to Rovaniemi Airport (also known as Santa Claus' Official Airport).

The tour price of the Santa Claus Family Safari tour includes thermal clothing, a very good lunch with many options, and of course transportation (by bus, reindeer sled, and snowmobile). It's a family tour and the pace is child-friendly.

Tour guests of the Santa Claus Safari tour are first taken to a reindeer farm for a real reindeer sled ride, then there's a special ceremony to celebrate when you cross the Arctic Circle. After that, snowmobiles and skidoos were available for some extra fun before lunch time.

Following our lunch, we were brought to the famous Santa Claus Village with its many shops showing arts and crafts from Finland. Santa's Post Office lets you send mail using Santa's own stamps. The highlight for the children on our Santa Claus tour was, of course, meeting the "real" Santa Claus afterward, and finding out how he manages his workload!

I liked the ease of making reservations: You can book the Santa Claus Safari online before your trip. The tour price is around US$ 250 (or €170).

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