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10 Things I Hate About Finland

What bugs me the most when I'm in Finland...


Trees covered with snow in a forest, Kajaani, Finland
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One of my passions is to talk about the many wonderful places the world has to offer, and as you travel, you realize that some countries provide you with a pleasurable tune, while others make the time spend there like some kind of endurance test. Finland is one of these countries, and while there are many things I absolutely love, there are also 10 things that I hate about Finland and its people. So what are the things that really bug me?
  1. High prices! Don't let anyone tell you that Finland is cheap. It isn't and it is even less cheap in the capital Helsinki. Everything is very expensive, particularly the food. In fact, after Denmark, Finland has the highest price levels for food as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Ouch.
  2. Speaking of food, have you tasted their lipekala? Ugh. It is a traditional dish of the Nordic countries, made from old stockfish, dried klippfisk and lye and gelatinous in texture. I hate it, particularly since it comes with a strong, putrid smell! In fact, eating this should be on the list of what not to do in Finland, now that I think about it.
  3. I like the sun, and I find it awful that in Finland you have to wait through a long, dark and icy Winter. The weather seems to affect the Finns too; lots of depressed weirdos walking around.
  4. Unemployment is increasing, but in Finland, some unemployed people take it to the next level - they have seen that for them it pays to sit at home and do nothing. Lots of people agree that the high unemployment is created by this pathetic welfare state ideology. Lazy people are on the increase and Finland's welfare system is helping them.
  5. Health has really gone downhill in recent years. I hate the way many of the people in Finland drink all night and then stand early in a queue to get themselves a burger or hot dog. The Finns used to be lean and mean, but now most of them just seem to be waiting for the next drink or fast food meal.
  6. I hate the hypocrisy in Finland. You see heaps of mixed couples walking hand in hand and yet there is a lot of racism towards immigrants. Aren't we in an age modern enough to have moved past racism and prejudice?
  7. I hate the way the murder rate and alcohol-related crimes are increasing in Finland. Death by alcohol is increasing and this just shows the growth of a group of spineless people who prefer to drown their problems by drinking themselves into a stupor. Not my cup of tea, this thing.
  8. I hate Finland for having fur farms for the owners' own greed and allowing the animals they keep there to be injured; some with missing limbs. These farms are owned by morons who hold high positions and who call themselves civilized.
  9. Finland is soft on crime; the criminal comes off lightest. Serious crimes will see you land in prison where there are no guards. Finland's criminal justice system hands out some short prison sentences and the prisoner can study and generally expect a pleasant time and education in prison. Frequent visits from family and friends are allowed as well as conjugal visits.
  10. I love a sauna but in Finland, this pleasure is ruined by some saunas requiring you to be naked. It's awkward for many (not most) and I'd rather wear a small piece on personal areas. Plus, I'll be the first to say that there are some bodies that are certainly better covered up!
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