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Lapland - A Travel Guide

Traveling to Finnish Lapland


Lapland in Finland

Lapland in Finland

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Travel to Lapland in Finland is a great experience year-round, although Lapland is better known for winter vacations and Ice Hotels.

Lapland generally refers to the Province of Lapland in Finland (also called Lappi), commonly called Finnish Lapland. Lapland by itself may otherwise also mean the Scandinavian region in which the Sami live, which encompasses parts of Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Lapland's Sami people are the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia.

Weather in Lapland:
Finnish Lapland is a travel destination full of natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. With a continental climate, Lapland has mild summers and lots of snow in the winter. Temperatures in the summer months reach up to 70 F/20 C and winter temperatures sink as low as -20 F/- 30 C, typical for weather in Scandinavia.

Traveling to Lapland:
Distances are great in this region. You can get there by train from within Europe (e.g. using the ScanRail Pass) or you can compare Lapland flights here. Flights often have a layover in Helsinki and then arrive in Finnish Lapland's capital Rovaniemi. At your final destination, you can rent a car or use local public transportation.

Accommodations in Finnish Lapland:
Lapland offers a wide variety of accommodations. It's easy to find a hotel, and you are allowed to camp anywhere in the forests (without fire.) Many Lapland travelers also decide to visit one of the unique ice hotels in this region.

Attractions & Activities:
While there aren't many man-made attractions in the beautiful Lappi wilderness, this part of northern Europe remains untouched and offers visitors amazing expeditions and tours for hiking and all types of winter sports. There are many guided tours in Lapland for travelers to choose from.

Being located beyond the Arctic Circle, Lapland in winter will let you experience the:

Christmas in Lapland:
In many parts of Europe it is believed that Santa Claus comes from Lapland in Finland. Learn more about Christmas in Finland.

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