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Nudism in Finland


Nudists in Europe

Nudists in Europe

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Nudism in Finland is not uncommon and Finnish nudism laws are not very strict. Nudists know that visiting saunas and steam baths in the nude is typical for Finland.

True, nudism in Finland can be done in Finnish saunas. The nude sauna practice has spread from Finland and led to widely accepted nudism in Scandinavia. But if you prefer the outdoors, there are several areas where nudists can enjoy the sun and the water.

If you're up to outdoor nudism in Finland, make sure you travel during the summer months so the water is warm enough to bathe naked (and check the weather in Finland). You can find beaches quickly on maps of nude beaches sorted by country.

The following are popular official nudist areas in Finland:

  • Pihlajasaari beach near Helsinki is located on an island. This Finnish naturist area offers a unisex nudist beach, nice for sunbathing but too rocky for swimming.
  • Seurasaari nude beach near Helsinki offers nudists in Finland separate bathing for men and women.
  • Close to Turku, Pori is a 3 hour drive north-west of Helskinki and has turned a part of Yyteri beach into a designated nudist beach (unisex). This is a very nice destination for nudists in Finland and the beaches there are great for swimming and sunbathing naked.
  • In the center of Helsinki, there is Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall, which does not require bathing suits - clothing is optional here. They have separate swim times for women and men.
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