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How to Get from Copenhagen to Aarhus

Good and bad transportation options between Copenhagen and Aarhus.


DSB ICE train to copenhagen
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From Copenhagen to Aarhus (and from Aarhus to Copenhagen), travelers have a good selection of different transportation options. However, each option has its own pros and cons. Find out here which fits best for your trip from Copenhagen to Aarhus:

1- From Copenhagen to Aarhus by Air

Flying between Copenhagen and Aarhus only takes about 45 minutes and there are several direct flights daily, offered by Cimber Air and SAS. It's a good option mainly for travelers pressed for time. Otherwise, the disadvantages are the price tag of around $100, and that there's not much to look at during the trip.
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  • 2- From Copenhagen to Aarhus by Train

    Taking the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm usually costs a little less than plane tickets and is a good option if you want to stay flexible. It also takes longer (about 3 hours) to travel between Copenhagen and Aarhus, though. Trains leave either city every 30-45 minutes and the train ride is scenic and relaxing. You can get flexible train tickets and compare prices at RailEurope.com.

    3- From Copenhagen to Aarhus by Car

    Driving between Copenhagen and Aarhus is suitable if you have about 4 hours' time for the 300 km (185 mi) distance, a rental car, and are ready for a scenic drive. There are two routes you can take: The easy option includes a toll road and the bridge across Storebælt (DKK 200-330). From Copenhagen, take the E20 west until you hit the E45. Go north on the E45 to Aarhus.
    Or, avoid the toll route and take a ferry part of the way (DKK 300-700). This way, just go northwest on road 21 to Sjaellands-Odde and take the Mols Line ferry to Aarhus from there.

    4- From Copenhagen to Aarhus by Ship

    To use a ferry between Copenhagen and Aarhus, take a look at the second driving option above.

    5- From Copenhagen to Aarhus by Bus

    A very viable option that leaves travelers flexible, relaxed, and with money to spare. Abildskou bus line 888 connects Copenhagen and Aarhus once daily except Saturdays. It's just DKK 110 (€ 15) for an adult bus ticket, paid directly to the bus driver. The Copenhagen-Aarhus trip takes close to 4 hours.

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