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How to Get from Oslo to Trondheim

(...and from Trondheim to Oslo)


How to Get from Oslo to Trondheim

Domkirke in Trondheim, Norway

J. Adde, Trondheim Kommune
From Oslo to Trondheim, it's about 500 km (310 mi) and you have several transportation options. Each has its pros and cons, though, so take a look and pick the way that's best for you to get from Oslo to Trondheim - or from Trondheim to Oslo.

1- From Oslo to Trondheim by Air

Starting around $150/£95, this isn't the cheapest option to get from Oslo to Trondheim (or vice versa), but with a 60 minute duration definitely the fastest. Note that it's cheapest to fly from Moss airport or Sandefjord airport outside Oslo, instead of using Oslo Gardemoen Airport. SAS, Widerøe Airlines and Norwegian Air have many direct flights between Oslo and Trondheim daily:

2- Oslo to Trondheim by Train

It's a scenic 7-hour journey if you take the train from Oslo to Trondheim, or from Trondheim down to Oslo. The train ticket just about equals the flight price, from approx. $150/£95 for date-flexible round trip tickets. There are 3-4 train connections daily and you can buy the train tickets online.

3- Oslo to Trondheim by Car

Quite doable, between Trondheim and Oslo it's a 7.5 hour trip by car. You can take the E6 all the way, going through Ringsaker and Folldal.

The shorter route - road 3 through Elverum and Alvdal - saves you about half an hour of drive time. When leaving the city area of either Oslo or Trondheim on the R6, simply look for road 3 for the shortcut.

4- Oslo to Trondheim by Bus

It's a cheap option and with a travel time of around 8.5 hours it doesn't take much longer than driving yourself. The NOR-WAY Busexpress bus #135 leaves from the Galleriet bus terminal in Oslo and from Oslo Gardemoen Airport. Each way there are two bus connections daily, one in the morning and one at night. One way tickets cost around $75/£45.

5- Oslo to Trondheim by Ship

If you have more than 4 days for the journey from Oslo to Trondheim and want to go for the most scenic option, try the "Hurtigruten & Norway in a Nutshell" tour. You'll be traveling by boat and train between the cities of Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Hurtigruten. Disadvantage: The high price of more than $450/£275 per person, and the possibility of the weather in Norway not cooperating.
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