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How to Get from Stockholm to Göteborg

(...and from Göteborg to Stockholm)


Feskekörka, Göteborg - Sweden, 2013 August 1667
Tiberio Frascari/tango-/flickr.com Creative Commons License
From Stockholm to Göteborg/Gothenburg, the distance isn't too far and the choice of transportation is wide. Let's find out which option fits you best when it comes to traveling from Stockholm to Göteborg (or back).

1- Stockholm to Göteborg by Train

Quick, comfortable, and easy to book. The journey by train from Stockholm to Göteborg takes 3-4 hours and can be quite scenic depending on the weather in Sweden.

Taking the train from Stockholm to Göteborg is a popular option and comes with a reasonable price, starting around $30 for a one-way train ticket on certain days of the week via SJ.se. Enter the city names "Stockholm" and "Gothenberg" on RailEurope.com to compare different train tickets, and make your train reservation before you get to Stockholm or Göteborg.

(Tip: RailEurope.com also gives additional discounts to travelers under 26 and over 59, groups of 2-5 people, along with instant e-ticketing and free reservations.)

2- Stockholm to Göteborg by Air

You can fly between Stockholm-Arlanda Airport to Göteborg-Landvetter Airport for around $150 with a direct flight by SAS. This is the more expensive option, farther from Stockholm. Better: Fly to Göteborg-Landvetter from Stockholm-Bromma Airport instead which starts around $120.

Naturally, flight prices between Stockholm and Göteborg depend on the time of year and other factors. The advantage of traveling between these cities by air is a quick flight time of only 55 minutes. Budget travelers might want to explore other options, though.

3- Stockholm to Göteborg by Car

A 450 km drive, it will take about 5 hours to drive between Stockholm and Göteborg: From Stockholm, take the E4 to Jönköping, and turn west onto road 40 toward Göteborg there. From Göteborg, take road 40 to Jönköping and merge onto the E4 toward Stockholm.

An alternative route between the cities of Göteborg and Stockholm is taking the E20 all the way. This leads you further north, increasing your journey to 480 km, a 6 hour drive.

4- Stockholm to Göteborg by Bus

There are several buses driving back and forth between Stockholm and Göteborg every day (e.g. Swebus Express). For only 200 SEK one way, taking the bus is a very cheap option if you have the time - the bus between Stockholm and Göteborg takes about 7 hours.

In Göteborg, you'll find the long-distance bus terminal (Nils Ericson Terminal) right behind the train station. In Stockholm, head to Swebus Express in the City Terminal.

5- Stockholm to Göteborg by Ferry

If you don't mind using an entire week of your trip to get from one city to another, you can take a 4-day cruise from Stockholm to Göteborg along the Göta Canal. USD pricing per person is in the 4 digits, so unless you have lots of time and a big budget, consider the other transportation options above in place of taking a ferry.

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