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How to Get from Stockholm to Malmö

Your options for traveling Stockholm-Malmö and Malmö-Stockholm.


Train Transportation in Scandinavia

Train in Scandinavia

How to get from Stockholm to Malmö (or from Malmö to Stockholm) really depends on what kind of traveler you are, how much time you have, and what your budget is. Check out the transportation options you have for Stockholm-Malmö travel, and their pros and cons:

1- Stockholm to Malmö by Plane

The good news is that there are many flights available between Stockholm and Malmö, most by SAS and Malmö Aviation. The flight time is only about an hour, so this transportation option is definitely a time-saver for busy travelers. The downside is that traveling by air usually costs a little more than taking the train or bus, but with a price of around $130/£80 it's still quite affordable (especially when you include nearby airports in the comparison.)

2- Stockholm to Malmö by Car

If you'd like to see more of the countryside, you might want to rent a car and drive the distance of 600 km (370 mi). It takes approximately 6 hours to drive from Stockhom to Malmö, and the route is easy. From Stockholm to Malmö, simply take the E4 almost all the way to Helsingborg and from there, take exit 30 to turn onto the E20/E6 to Malmö. On the way from Malmö to Stockholm, follow the E20/E6 for 55 km north to the Helsingborg area, and turn onto the E4 toward Stockholm there.

3- Stockholm to Malmö by Train

Taking the train between Stockholm and Malmö is a reliable in-the-middle option. The trains depart every two hours and take a little over four hours to connect the cities of Malmo and Stockholm. And the price tag? Economy train tickets start at around $80/£50. It's cheaper and more flexible than flying, but takes longer and can get quite boring.

4- Stockholm to Malmö by Bus

Don't take the bus unless you have to get to Malmö for as little money as possible and have time for traveling. The bus is just as boring as the train, and takes 8-10 hours. It only costs around $50/£30, though. An alternative for budget travelers would be the night bus, so you can save on a hotel room while being on your way to Malmö. Look for Swebus at the bus terminals; there are 3-4 direct connections daily. You can pay the driver or visit Swebus online.

5- Stockholm to Malmö by Ship

At the time of this writing, there are no boat tours or ferries offering a route connecting Stockholm and Malmö, but you can check current Scandinavian ferries for updates.

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