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History, Culture & Art in Scandinavia

History, arts, design and architecture are a big part of Scandinavia's culture. Learn more about Scandinavia's historical background, today's Scandinavian artwork and designs, and local culture here.
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The Changing of the Guard in Scandinavia
The Changing of the Guard isn't exclusive to the UK - it also takes place in Scandinavia. There, the Changing of the Guard can be seen in the three big cities.

The Scandinavian Flags
Most flags of Scandinavia and surrounding Nordic areas show the Scandinavian Cross (aka Nordic Cross) while some Scandinavian flags incorporate historic flag symbolism stemming from Scandinavian history.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Scandinavia
The UNESCO sites in Scandinavia include some of the best World Heritage sites there are. Scandinavian UNESCO World Heritage sites range from cultural heritage sites to sites of unique natural beauty. All UNESCO World Heritage sites in Scandinavia.

Royalty in Scandinavia
Royalty in Scandinavia - an article about Scandinavia's three monarchies and its current rulers. Describes the royal families of the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Find out about Royal sight-seeing and learn a few things about today's royalty in Scandinavia.

Changing of the Guard in Stockholm
The Changing of the Guard is a popular event for visitors of Stockholm, Sweden. You can see the changing of the royal guards at the Royal Palace regularly - find out here when and where to go to witness Sweden's changing of the guard!

The Changing of the Guard in Oslo
Changing of the Guard in Oslo - The Changing of the royal King's Guard in Oslo is a daily event taking place at 1:30 pm at the Royal Palace in Oslo. About the Changing of the Guard in Oslo.

Changing of the Guard in Copenhagen
Changing of the guard in Copenhagen takes place daily at noon, at Amalienborg Castle. The change of guards is a worthy free attraction for Copenhagen visitors. Find out all about the changing of the guards in Copenhagen.

Art of Scandinavia: Art Prints & Photographies from Scandinavia
Not everyone has a gift for photography or is able to travel to Scandinavia and its beautiful destinations. Here are my favorite art prints and photographies from places in Scandinavia available to buy online.

King Canute and the Scandinavian Kings of England
About Viking history in the 10th and 11th centuries. The background of Scandinavian kings in England is complex and has its origins both in the political and economic history of Scandinavia.

Dala Horses in Sweden
What are Dala horses (Dalarna) and where can you find Dala horses in Sweden? What are the locations for the traditional dala workshops? Find out all about Dala horses and where to find them.

Copenhagen's Architecture & Design
Denmark's capital Copenhagen offers world-class architecture and architectural design. Definitions of Danish design have filled countless books over the last few decades, but its essence is to be found in Copenhagen's timeless simplicity, quality and architecture functionality...

Scandinavian History - The Roots Of Scandinavia & Its History
A useful summary of the roots, history, and developments of the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland.

Art In Scandinavia - Local Scandinavian Art & Art History
Basic information about the history of Scandinavian creativity; an overview of Scandinavian art styles.

Finding Denmark's Greatest Castles
Denmark is the oldest continuous monarchy in Europe, so it can offer the best castles with lots of royal history in these buildings. A Scandinavia travel tip about castles, palaces, and architecture worthy of kings and queens!

Traveling with the Vikings in Scandinavia
The Viking Age is Scandinavia's history between the 8th and 11th century and there is much to remind travelers of the Vikings in Scandinavia to this date. Learn how to experience the rich history by traveling with the Vikings in Scandinavia.

The 3 Best Viking Museums in Scandinavia
Want to go to a Viking museum and follow the footsteps of the Vikings? Where to find the three best Viking museums in Scandinavia.

Ancient Skis in Finland
Ancient skis in Finland - the history of skiing in Finland encompasses ancient skis that were of different lengths and helped the Finnish skier to hunt and travel. All about ancient skis in Finland and the history of cross-country skiing there.

Scandinavia's History - The Best Scandinavian History Books
If you're interested in studying Scandinavian history, a single book about the history of the whole region is an invaluable starting point. Here are the best books on Scandinavia's history.

The Royal Wedding of Victoria and Daniel in 2010
Sweden's royal wedding of Victoria and Daniel on June 19, 2010. About the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's long awaited marriage to Daniel Westling.

Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Norway
The 2010 Eurovision Song Contest hosted by Oslo takes place in May 2010. Ticket information, dates, directions for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Norway.

Who Is Who In Scandinavian History
A useful geographical index of important figures in Scandinavian history.

Alvar H. Aalto, Father of Scandinavian Architecture
Alvar H. Aalto, one of the most popular and influential Finnish designers, shaped Scandinavian architecture.

Who Are The Normans And The Norsemen?
The Normans (Norsemen) are an important part of European history. Did you know they started out as Vikings?

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is the only museum in the world where you can go sailing like a Viking. The Viking Ship Museum opened in 1962 and provides history and stories of distant voyages from 1,000 years ago.

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