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The Best Castles in Denmark


Denmark offers travelers beautiful royal castles. Since Denmark is the oldest continuous monarchy in Europe, visitors can find royal architecture and historic buildings everywhere and feel like a Scandinavian monarch themselves. What are the best castles in Denmark for travelers looking for an attraction worthy of kings and queens?

1. Fredensborg Palace (North of Copenhagen)

Fredensborg Palace, Denmark
© Fredensborg Palace 2006
The castle of Fredensborg is an 18th-century palace north of Copenhagen. Fredensborg Palace at Lake Esrum enjoys a special status among Danish palaces as the royal couple's most used residence. The extensive palace and grounds came into being gradually during the 18th century. Copenhagen's Fredensborg Palace is used regularly by the Royal Family for official state banquets, including the 2004 wedding banquet of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. The palace gardens are always open. Guided tours of the palace are offered in July, every 15 minutes in the afternoon.
Castle Tours: This famous Danish castle is included in the Hamlet Castle Tour from Copenhagen and the North Zealand Castles Tour.

2. Kronborg Castle (Near Helsingør)

Kronborg Castle near Helsingør, Denmark
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Kronborg Castle (in Danish: Kronborg Slot) is strategically located at a very narrow strip of water between Denmark and Sweden. This helped medieval kings to regulate import and export, along with incoming taxes paid by ships passing through. Helsingør is not very far from Copenhagen, and can be found at the northernmost tip of the Danish island of Zealand. Kronborg Castle was used as inspiration for "Elsinore" in Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Castle Tours: This castle is included in the Hamlet Castle Tour from Copenhagen and the North Zealand Castles Tour.

3. Castle of Amalienborg - Royal Winter Residence (Copenhagen)

Amalienborg Palace Guards in Copenhagen
© VisitDK KGH
Amalienborg in Copenhagen is the royal couple's winter residence. This castle in Denmark's capital is a major architectural piece in Rococo architectural styles. Amalienborg comprises four externally uniform (but internally different) palaces around a courtyard. In the large courtyard, visitors see an equestrian statue of Frederik V who was the founder of the Amalienborg Palace complex and the Frederiksstad. Today, the public can visit two of Amalienborg's palaces: Christian VIII's Palace and Christian VII's Palace.
Castle Tours: This castle is part of the Copenhagen Grand Tour.

4. Christiansborg Palace (Copenhagen)

Christiansborg Palace in Denmark
© VisitDK
Christiansborg Palace on Slotsholmen in Copenhagen houses the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Supreme Court. The Royal Reception Rooms in the palace's north wing, the palace church and most of the Riding Ground Complex are available to the Royal Family. As a result of two serious fires in 1794 and 1884, the palace complex bears testimony to three eras of Danish architecture. In the Riding Ground Complex, you can visit the Theatre Museum and The Royal Stables. Beneath Christiansborg, Denmark visitors can see the ruins of two even older castles!
Castle Tours: Christiansborg castle is part of the Copenhagen Grand Tour and the City Tour of Copenhagen.
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