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Bed & Breakfasts in Denmark


Svanfolk B&B in Denmark

Svanfolk B&B in Denmark

Svanfolk B&B in Denmark

Are there B&Bs in Denmark:

Yes, there are many B&Bs in Denmark, many of them even directly in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bed & Breakfasts in Denmark aren't hard to find, you can use websites like BedandBreakfast.com to locate nice B&Bs in Denamrk and compare accommodation prices.

How much do Bed & Breakfasts in Denmark cost:

Prices at Bed & Breakfasts in Denmark start around €35 / DKK 250 but the biggest part of the price per night simply depends on 1) the area of the Danish B&B you're staying at, and 2) the time of the year. It's a lot cheaper to stay at a B&B in a small town in northern Jutland in the winter, instead of a B&B in Denmark's capital Copenhagen in July.

How to find and book a room at a B&B in Denmark:

B&Bs in Denmark are a little more complicated than hotels when it comes to booking. Many are bookable online through sites like BedandBreakfast.com (look for the green BookIt button), while some others can only be booked by phone. To avoid misunderstandings and to have a paper trail of your bed & breakfast reservation, I recommend to book online.
Pros of staying at a B&B in Denmark:
  • Most B&Bs are cheaper than hotels
  • More personalized service by private owners
  • No sterile-feeling rooms like in hotels
Cons of staying at a B&B in Denmark:
  • Some B&Bs in Denmark can only be booked by phone
  • The quality of rooms may be low
  • You might need transportation to get to/from the B&B

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