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Hotels in Iceland

Looking for hotels in Iceland? Find the hotel that suits you best, with tips and recommendations for great local hotels in Iceland.

Upper Class Hotels In Reykjavik, Iceland
If you are looking for upper-class accommodation, choose from these top four hotels in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Reykjavik, Iceland
Here are the best cheap hotels in Reykjavik recommended to travelers. Use this list of Reykjavik's best budget hotels when comparing hotel prices and booking your next cheap hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland...it doesn't have to be expensive.

Top 3 Hotels in Akureyri
You can find Akureyri a few hours' drive north of Reykjavik. Many visitors choose to stay the night in Akureyri at one of the local hotels. Here are the three best hotels in Akureyri:

Reader Reviews of Hotels in Iceland
Checking out hotel reviews from other Iceland travelers should be an important part when you plan your accommodation. Let the feedback from other travelers help you avoid the wrong hotel for your visit to Iceland and find a suitable place to stay...

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