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B&Bs in Norway


To Søstre B&B in Bergen, Norway

To Søstre B&B in Bergen, Norway

To Søstre B&B in Bergen, Norway

Are there many B&Bs in Norway:

Most B&Bs in Norway are found in the regions of Oslo and Bergen. Some B&Bs in Norway are found as far north as Tromsø and even Honningsvåg (for travelers wanting to stay at a B&B near the North Cape). Private accommodation at Bed & Breakfasts in Norway is getting more popular each year.

What do B&Bs in Norway cost:

A rural B&B in Norway's back country may only charge you €30 (NOK 250), but room at a B&B in central Oslo can start around €60 (NOK 500) a night...in which case you might want to also consider local quality budget hotels as an alternative.

The room prices at B&Bs in Norway really depend on the area of the Bed & Breakfast and the time of year. Check if they offer lower prices during certain months or on weekdays.

How to find B&Bs in Norway:

The easiest and fastest way to find reputable Bed & Breakfasts in Norway is online at a big B&B website like BedandBreakfast.com. Alternatively, you can look at local tourist brochures and yellow pages in Norway, if you don't want to make reservations before you leave home.

How to book a room at a B&B in Norway:

B&Bs in Norway are a little more complicated than hotels when it comes to booking. Many are bookable online through sites like BedandBreakfast.com (look for the green BookIt button next to the individual B&Bs to make sure they can be booked online), while some others can only be booked by phone. To avoid misunderstandings and to have a paper trail of your bed & breakfast reservation, I recommend to book online.
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