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Hotels in Sweden

Hotels in Sweden - find the hotel that suits you best here, with these hotel recommendations for the best hotels in Sweden.

Hotel Hellsten in Stockholm
Review for Hotel Hellsten in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bed & Breakfast in Sweden - About Staying at a Swedish Bed & Breakfast
If staying at a Swedish Bed & Breakfast is an option for your next Swedish vacation, learn more about Sweden's cozy accommodation choice for budget travelers here!

Cheap Hotels in Stockholm, Sweden
Good value hotels in Stockholm, Sweden, can be easily found on this list of the best budget hotels in the Swedish capital. Stockholm hotels can be cheap - if you know where to go...find out here!

ATUM Bed & Breakfast in Stockholm, Sweden
Take a look at this travel review of the ATUM bed & breakfast in Stockholm. The ATUM bed & breakfast in Stockholm is a great Stockholm hotel alternative with modern rooms and great prices...

Top Cheap Hotels in Goteborg, Sweden
Here are the best cheap hotels in Goteborg recommended to travelers. Use this list of Goteborg's best budget hotels when booking your next cheap hotel in the beautiful city of Göteborg, Sweden...

Reader Reviews of Hotels in Sweden
Checking out hotel reviews from other Sweden travelers should be an important part of your trip planning, both good and bad. Let the feedback from other travelers help you avoid the wrong hotel for your visit to Sweden and find a suitable place to stay...

Salt & Sill Hotel Review (Klädesholmen, Sweden)
The Salt & Sill Hotel in Kladesholmen, Sweden is Sweden's first floating hotel. The Salt & Sill Hotel is a hotel on pontoons in a harbor, with its own Salt & Sill restaurant...

Budget Hotels in Helsingborg, Sweden
It takes a little skill to find good quality hotels at budget prices in Sweden. However, the city of Helsingborg has several budget hotels that can easily compete with the more expensive ones.

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