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Travel Tips for Iceland

What are the best travel tips for Iceland? Start here with practical travel tips, local events in Iceland, things to do, hotel tips, restaurant and dining reviews, popular Icelandic attractions for tourists traveling to Iceland.
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  3. Annual Events in Iceland (18)

Country Profile of Iceland
This Country Profile of Iceland provides basic facts and figures about Iceland, e.g. climate and weather in the land of fire and ice, Icelandic transportation, Iceland politics, media and press, economy in Iceland, and much more.

Weather in Iceland
Iceland weather information, climate and monthly temperatures for travelers wishing to learn about Iceland's weather.

Useful Words & Phrases in Icelandic
Icelandic for Travelers! Every traveler can use a few Icelandic phrases and words during their Iceland vacation. Here you will find basic language help and travel related words, with easy to learn Icelandic translations!

Top 10 Guided Tours in Iceland
It's easy to see Iceland in all its beauty with a guided tour, and it gives you the assurance that you can see all the important sights and destinations in Iceland on these guided tours...

How to Save Money in Iceland
How to save money in Iceland? Iceland is vividly beautiful but expensive in many ways. Plan your trip wisely. There are always ways to cut costs and save money in Iceland. Here's what you can do...

When to Go to Iceland
See when to go to Iceland and find out which times of the year are best to travel to Iceland. We'll explain the best times to visit and when to go to Iceland.

What Time Is It in Iceland?
What time is it in Iceland? Find out what time it is in Iceland with this helpful travel tip informing you which time zone Iceland is in, and about daylight saving time in Iceland.

Iceland Visa & Documentation
Before you go, have your visa and documentation questions answered here. Find out if you need a visa and what kind of documentation you may need to enter this Scandinavian country.

Volcanoes in Iceland
The unique geology of Iceland creates a hot spot for volcanoes. Iceland has 22 volcanoes that are considered active. A large recent volcanic eruption in Iceland happened April 14, 2010.

The Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland
The Gullfoss Waterfall is one of Iceland's most popular attractions. Find out all you need to know about the Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland, and when and how you can visit the falls.

How Safe is Iceland?
Iceland is easily one of the world's safest countries and crime is almost non-existent here. However, depending on the area in Iceland you're traveling to, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

Driving in Iceland
Road Conditions? Speed limits? Off-road driving? Check out the basics of how to drive in Iceland, along with practical driving tips for Icelandic traffic and roads.

Traveling Healthy in Iceland: Vaccinations & Medical Care
Don't let medical issues spoil your trip to Iceland. Stay healthy in Iceland by learning about required vaccinations for travelers, medical treatment in Iceland, and more.

The Best Beaches in Iceland
There's more to beaches in Iceland than knowing about the cold weather in Iceland or the Blue Lagoon. Check out Iceland's best beaches here...

Jobs in Iceland
Jobs in Iceland are found online on these sites, but to get a job in Iceland, you may first need a work permit for jobs in Iceland.

Customs Regulations & Rules for Iceland Travelers
Customs regulations in Iceland easily explained for travelers. Find out which goods are allowed through customs in Iceland, what the Icelandic duty free limits are, and how to bring your pet to Iceland...

Icelandic Embassies in the US, UK & Other Countries
If you're looking for an Icelandic embassy or consulate, find the location closest to you here on this list of Icelandic embassies worldwide.

About Grímsey
Grimsey, the island north of Iceland, is filled with arctic wildlife. Learn about Grimsey, how to get to Grimsey, and what to do on the island of Grimsey.

How to Travel to Iceland With a Dog or Cat
About traveling to Iceland with your dog or cat. Find out what you need to do before you travel to Iceland with a dog or cat. Here are the requirements to take cats / dogs to Iceland.

How to Call Iceland
Calling Iceland is easy with these instructions and calling tips for Iceland from anywhere in the world. If you're unsure how to call Iceland by phone, just follow this simple calling guide.

Tipping in Iceland
Tipping in Iceland is done in a different way. Find out here how tipping in Iceland works and how much of a tip you should leave in Iceland.

The Voyager Card
The Voyager Card is a travel discount card by Norden Voyager. This card gives travelers in Iceland a 20% on basically everything, no matter where you go. Order the Voyager Card online.

Iceland Airport Shuttles to/from Reykjavik
These are airport shuttle services providing transportation for the 1-hour drive between Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport. You can book the shuttle vouchers in advance in your local currency.

Christmas Traditions & Customs In Iceland
Find out how Icelanders celebrate traditional Icelandic Christmas in Iceland - Scandinavia, and prepare for traditions and customs on your visit or trip during the festivities in the winter celebrations season.

Toilets in Iceland - What Can You Expect From Toilets in Iceland?
Need to find a toilet in Iceland during your visit? Useful toilet tips for when you have to go potty in Iceland. Find out what to expect from Icelandic toilets...

Getting Married in Iceland
Are you thinking about getting married in Iceland during your vacation? Feel like eloping? Find out what kind of information and documentation Iceland requires from foreign couples wanting to get married there on their vacation.

Nudism in Iceland
Nudism in Iceland is done individually rather than in nudist groups and social gatherings. Iceland offers many locations where you can be naked, but there are no official nude beaches or dedicated nudist locations in Iceland. Learn more in this article.

Thorrablot - Iceland's Midwinter Feast
Thorrablot (Þorrablót) is the annual midwinter feast in Iceland, started by the Vikings. The celebration of the Iceland tradition Thorrablot takes place in late January in Iceland every year. Learn about Thorrablot here...

Which Type of Electrical Outlet is Used in Iceland?
Which type of electrical outlet is used in Iceland? What kind of plugs do they use? Find out here if you need a power converter, an adapter, or a transformer to use electrical outlets in Iceland.

New Year's Eve Celebrations & Customs In Reykjavik
How is New Year's Eve celebrated in Iceland, and its capital Reykjavik? Why is Reykjavik such a popular place to visit for New Year's vacations and tours? Find out here about the Icelandic customs, the bonfires, and much more!

Snaefellsnes: Where is Snaefellsnes in Iceland?
Where is Snaefellsnes in Iceland, and what is the Snaefellsnes peninsula? Find out where you find Snaefellsnes and what this Icelandic region offers visitors...

7 Days in Iceland
7 Days in Iceland - A practical and interesting itinerary for seven days in Iceland, the best and most popular destinations and historic Icelandic towns..

The Isafjordur Travel Guide
Isafjordur is a cozy town on the edge of arctic wilderness, slowing turning into a popular tourist destination in Iceland. The beautiful area around Isafjordur is called Isafjardarbaer.

The Gay Scene in Iceland
The gay scene in Iceland is small, but active and open. Gay and lesbian bars and clubs exists mostly in Iceland's capital Reykjavík, but the northern branch in Akureyri is growing each year.

Inspired by Iceland: Unique Culture, People & Design in Iceland
Inspired by Iceland: Unique Culture, People & Design in Iceland

Commercial Whale Hunting - Yes or No?
Iceland has consistently rejected international efforts to conserve whales, while certain other countries outlawed whale hunting. Are you in favor of commercial whaling or are you against it?

Commercial Whaling in Iceland
Commercial whaling in Iceland remains an issue today. When it comes to whaling, Iceland remains one of the last places on earth to hunt endangered whales commercially.

10 Things Not to Do in Iceland
There are a few things you should not do in Iceland. Icelandic locals tend to be a little on reserved side, but they are as a rule of thumb usually very kind towards foreigners. But here are ten things not to do in Iceland.

Marijuana in Iceland
Is marijuana legal in Iceland? Customs officials in Iceland are vigilant about looking for marijuana in the suitcases of travelers entering the country.

Why You Shouldn't Go to Iceland
So there are some of the most popular reasons on why people say not to visit Iceland. Still want to go? Good for you.

Vacation Rentals in Iceland
Are you looking for a cozy house to rent during your vacation in Iceland? Somewhere private and homey? When it comes to vacation rentals in Iceland, you do have some options.

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