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What Time Is It in Iceland?


Sunset in Iceland (Scandinavia)

Sunset in Iceland (Scandinavia)

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Question: What Time Is It in Iceland?
Let's find out what time it is in Iceland, and if/when Iceland changes clocks for Daylight Saving Time...
Answer: Iceland time is identical to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or UTC. There is no offset and it's easy to calculate.

Iceland's longitude – the location of the country – would indicate that Iceland should be one hour behind GMT, but this is not the case.

Iceland does not observe Daylight Saving Time, and as such does not change clocks to summer time (Daylight Saving Time) at all. Iceland stays on GMT/UTC throughout the year.

You can easily compare your location to see your time difference to the current time in Iceland:

  • US Eastern Standard Time: Iceland is 5 hours ahead of you.
  • US Central Standard Time: Iceland is 6 hours ahead of you.
  • US Pacific Standard Time: Iceland is 8 hours ahead of you.
  • Japan Standard Time: Iceland is 9 hours behind you.
  • Australia Time/Melbourne: Iceland is 11 hours behind you.
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