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The Gay Scene in Iceland

Where is Iceland's Gay & Lesbian Scene Today?


Reykjavik Gay Pride

Reykjavik Gay Pride

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The gay scene in Iceland is small, but active and open. Gay and lesbian bars and clubs exist mostly in Iceland's capital Reykjavík, but the northern branch in Akureyri is growing each year.

Iceland as a gay friendly destination has received great reviews from visitors — it has landed on various top ten lists and received the “5 Pink Stars” rating by Diva magazine.

There are no safety concerns for gay travelers in Iceland. With its modern gay-friendly atmosphere, Iceland has come a long way since 1978 when the Icelandic Lesbian and Gay Organization, Samtökin’78, was founded in Reykjavik.

Today, lesbians and gays in Iceland stand equal to heterosexual people in the eyes of the law and prejudice is on the retreat. The Reykjavík Gay Pride has become one of the biggest celebrations of the nation with over 85,000 people attending the parade and the downtown festivities in Reykjavik.

There are several gay-specific things to do and see in Iceland, especially the active gay nightlife in Reykjavik.

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