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Getting Married in Iceland

Eloping in Iceland?


If you'd like to get married on your next Iceland vacation or are planning to elope in Iceland on short notice, keep the following Icelandic marriage requirements and regulations in mind:

What eloping couples will need to do:

  • Bring valid passports and both partners' birth certificates.
  • Non-US citizens should obtain a certificate of marital status (if applicable, present an original divorce decree signed by the Ministry of Justice located in Reykjavik).
  • Fill out the application form available from the District Magistrate of Reykjavik (one witness per partner) certifying your ability for marriage.
  • Drop off the application two days before the marriage date. If mailing the application, it needs to arrive two weeks early instead.
Note that the application requires two witnesses' names and birth dates. They do not have to be at the wedding itself. You can obtain an application form from the office of the District Magistrate of Reykjavik. The official wedding ceremony is held there as well. The address is: Skogarhlid 6, IS-101 Reykjavik, phone +354-569-2400, fax +354-562-8415 (email: syslumadur@tmd.is). You can also contact one of the Icelandic embassies worldwide for further information.

FUN FACT: In some Icelandic families, long engagements are the norm, which can last three or four years.

For gay/lesbian couples wanting to get married in Iceland:

In Iceland, same sex marriage was legalized in June 2010. Any legal differences between a heterosexual marriage and a same sex marriage (cohabitation, as it was called) were eliminated; at that time, same sex marriages finally became fully equal with heterosexual marriages on all levels. Now Iceland only has one marriage law that applies to both heterosexual and same sex marriage and the same requirements apply.

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