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The Unique Culture of Iceland


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Icelandic Designs
Icelandic Designer Furniture

Icelandic Designer Furniture

Walking around town in Iceland's capital Reykjavik means coming face-to-face with a huge amount of ever-evolving boutique fashion, design and art stores. You only have to look at the average Icelander and their homes to see their sense of style and the creativity in visual and practical design. People in the design industry often point to the fearless nature of Icelanders fueling a creative boom.

Designers from Iceland are beginning to get worldwide recognition – Vera Thordardottir counts Lady Gaga as one of the biggest fans of her otherworldly clothing creations. Architect Dagur Eggertsson had his work displayed at London’s prestigious Victoria & Albert museum, Studio Granda took their work as far as Shanghai and at home Dagný Bjarnadóttir got a lot of attention for his innovative Furnibloom plant-housing furniture (photo).

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