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The Blue Lagoon: Nearby Hotels in Iceland

How to Find Hotels Close To The Blue Lagoon


Here are the hotels close to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, letting you compare hotel information and rates for hotels near the Blue Lagoon:

1. Hotel Keflavik

Great dining and close proximity to the Blue Lagoon (as well as to the airport) makes Hotel Keflavik a popular choice for Blue Lagoon visitors. This hotel offers lots of 4-star amenities, airport shuttles and rental cars as part of their numerous guest services. Located at Vatnsnesvegi 12 in Keflavik, this is our #1 choice for hotels near the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
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2. Icelandair Flughotel Keflavik

The Flughotel Keflavik offers Blue Lagoon visitors a central location - it's only 15 minutes away from the Blue Lagoon, and a mere 10 minutes to Keflavik Airport. This 4-star hotel at Hafnargata 57 in Keflavik has clean, modern rooms, a good wellness center and restaurant, as well as heated parking.
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3. Blue Lagoon Clinic

Accommodation at the Blue Lagoon Clinic has its good and bad points. You're only 5 minutes away from the Blue Lagoon but the nightly rates at the Blue Lagoon Clinic are very steep, on average charging twice as much per night as other hotels in the area. Reservations must be made by phone, sometimes several months in advance.

4. Hotels in Reykjavik

If you're willing to drive just a little bit further and include accommodation in Reykjavik, you suddenly have an array of choices of hotels in the Icelandic capital. Reykjavik is only about 40 minutes away from the Blue Lagoon, after all.

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