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The Best Blue Lagoon Tours in Iceland

Favorite guided tours to the Blue Lagoon you can book online.


If you go to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, you should know that there are great tours that combine a visit to the Blue Lagoon with other Icelandic attractions. Scroll down to see the favorite picks for Blue Lagoon tours in Iceland - you can compare tour length and pricing and book online. Most of these tours depart daily and offer free pick up from hotels in Reykjavik.

1. The "Iceland From Below & Blue Lagoon" Tour

Blue Lagoon in Iceland (2)
Blue Lagoon Ltd
Price: Around USD 125 / GBP 80 - Duration: 7 hours
This combination tour is the best way to combine two great guided tours with the Blue Lagoon in one afternoon. This tour takes you to visit Iceland's most spectacular lava tube caves and craters and then you'll head to the Blue Lagoon for pampering and relaxing. Departs on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. From Keflavik Airport to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Blue Lagoon Ltd
Price: Around USD 34 / GBP 22 - Duration: 2.5 hours
This tour starts from the International Airport at Keflavik. After driving through Iceland's landscape, this tour stops at the Blue Lagoon for 1.5 hours and afterwards, travelers will be taken to their accommodation in Reykjavik. I think this is a really neat deal.

3. Viking Horse-Riding & Blue Lagoon Tour

Sunset in Iceland (Scandinavia)
© Gregi
Price: Around USD 90 / GBP 60 - Duration: 6 hours
The patient, enduring Viking Horse - a breed that stayed the same since the inhabitation of Iceland. This is a guided tour that took us on a horseback riding tour on Reykjavik's suburbs before taking us down to the Blue Lagoon for relaxation and its curing properties.

4. Express Blue Lagoon Tour with Gullfoss & Geysir

Wide Waterfall in Iceland
Price: Around USD 112 / GBP 72 - Duration: 10.5 hours
This is a very interesting full day tour of Iceland, I think. It takes tour guests to the Blue Lagoon, the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, and then it's time to see the Geysir. Don't forget to visit the greenhouse community of Hveragerdi while you're on this tour, it's very interesting.

5. "Reykjanes Peninsula and the Blue Lagoon" Tour

Geysir in Iceland - Scandinavia
M. Wolfe
Price: Around USD 80 / GBP 52 - Duration: Flexible
After bathing in the Blue Lagoon, this guided tour takes travelers to the nearby fishing village Grindavik, continues over the tectonic plates to Reykjanes, and on to the westernmost tip of the peninsula. On your way back to the capital, a drop-off at the International Keflavik Airport is possible upon request. A very nice tour for your last day in Iceland, I think.

6. Reykjavik City Sightseeing & Blue Lagoon Tour

Reykjavik, Iceland
Price: Around USD 70 / GBP 45 - Duration: Flexible
This is a great guided tour that gives you a little bit of everything while not overloading your senses. They take you on a stroll in the city, and then the bus of this guided tour takes you to the Blue Lagoon for a nice break from everything else. If you like being both educated and pampered, this tour is for you!

7. The Blue Lagoon Tour from Reykjavik

Blue Lagoon in Iceland (2)
Blue Lagoon Ltd
Price: Around USD 35 / GBP 23 - Duration: Flexible
Great if you just need transportation between the city to the Blue Lagoon. Emphasizing on THE relaxation highlight of Iceland, this tour excludes all distraction and instead offers a direct trip from Iceland's capital to the Blue Lagoon and back. The bus picks you up from hotels and guesthouses in the Reykjavik city area. (Make sure to indicate your hotel details when booking.)
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