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Scandinavia in October - Your Travel Calendar for October in Scandinavia


Beautifully colored fall foliage in Sweden.

Beautifully colored fall foliage in Sweden.

Mora.se (CC Lic.)

The Month of October in Scandinavia:

While the warm summer weather is now gone, and it cools down quite a bit, travelers have a big advantage in Scandinavia in October: much lower hotel and flight prices. Fall foliage has come out, and in the northern parts, the evergreen forests are a beautiful backdrop for the landscape. See what Scandinavia can offer you during this month!

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Weather in October in Scandinavia:

Even though Scandinavia is perceived as a very cold region, its climate is still relatively mild in October. The temperature does not rise excessively and humidity is low. Scandinavia has four distinct seasons and in October, the average temperature during daytime remains between 45-55 degrees (Fahrenheit). Sometimes, windy fall storms can impact your visit if you stay near the ocean.

For exact temperatures at your Scandinavian destination and monthly averages, visit Weather in Scandinavia!

October Events & Activities:

Scandinavia offers exciting cultural and social events in October, e.g.:

Packing Tips for October Trips to Scandinavia:

Make sure to layer your outfits - it can be mild or cool during the day and chilly at night, so you want to be prepared for different temperatures. Use light longsleeve shirts layered with a warm fleece or wool sweater on top. This will enable you to take off the warm outer layer on milder days.

Public Holidays in October:

In October, there are no national holidays in Scandinavia so there should be no problem relying on regular opening hours when you go out.

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