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Scandinavia: 2 x New Year's Eve Celebrations in 1 Night


If you'd like to say good-bye to the old year in Scandinavian style, you should travel to eastern Sweden, where New Year's Eve can be celebrated twice in one night!

The starting point of this quick trip is the Swedish city of Haparanda and the drive is not far at all - only 5 minutes! Driving/walking instructions here

Haparanda, Sweden, lies right by the Swedish-Finnish river dividing the two countries - and the time zones of Sweden and Finland. This provides the unique opportunity to cross the bridge to the Finnish side of the river in just 5 minutes. The Finnish town of Tornio is located there.

Tornio, Finland, is ahead in time. So, go ahead and celebrate New Year's Eve with Finnish fireworks there first. Afterwards, you can simply drive back over the bridge to Sweden and enjoy another display of fireworks an hour later - this time, by the Swedes! Celebrate the Scandinavian new year here a second time in the same night.

The location where New Year's can be celebrated twice can be reached by flying in to Tornio, Finland (airport code KEM). Compare flights to Tornio, Finland here

Many travelers in the Lapland area decide to spend the nights at the Icehotel which is a hotel that is rebuilt every year. This is quite possibly the most unique hotel in all of Scandinavia and it goes hand in hand with an unusual New Year's Eve celebration. At the Icehotel, even the drink menus are made of ice...so better dress warm!

This article is part of the series New Year's Eve in Scandinavia, where you can find out lots more about New Year's Eve at your destination!

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