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Discovering the Northern Lights


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Where to See the Northern Lights
The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights (2011/GNU Lic.) - Visit the North Cape
Where can you see the Northern Lights? You can enjoy them in several locations in the North, but there are few spots as perfect for seeing the Northern Lights as Tromsø, Norway (near the North Cape), and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Even at the minimal level of Northern Lights activity, Tromsø and Reykjavik are prime locations from where visitors see the Northern Lights. Out of all Nordic destinations, these places provide you with an optimal chance of seeing the famous phenomenon. In addition, both destinations provide a long, dark viewing season since they are located beyond the Arctic Circle (especially during Polar Nights).

If you don't want to go that far north, the next-best location to see the Northern Lights is the region between the Finnish town Rovaniemi and the Norwegian town Bodø, just along the edge of the Arctic Circle. From here, you can still see the Northern Lights on a regular basis.

Locations as far south as Umeå, Sweden, and Trondheim, Norway, are not as reliable but a good alternative for the average traveler. These places require only slightly stronger Northern Lights geomagnetic activity to enjoy the natural phenomenon up close (more about this on the Current Forecast page), so you won't see them as often.

Let's find out when you can see the Northern Lights in Part 3.

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