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The 3 Natural Phenomena of Scandinavia


The most amazing natural phenomena in Scandinavia can be witnessed in the region of the Arctic circle, e.g. in the Scandinavian countries Norway, Iceland and Sweden. Find out how Scandinavian nature created these phenomena, when and where in Scandinavia they happen, and whether these natural phenomena in Scandinavia can affect your vacation or even your health.

1. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Aurora borealis  Iceland, aurora borealis over Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon....goddess sparkle, looking hard for moments of shine from twilight....Bjork
Moyan Brenn/ /flickr.com Creative Commons License

As the top choice, the Northern Lights are probably the most famous natural occurrance when people think of Scandinavia. Their correct name is Aurora Borealis. We associate the Aurora Borealis with wintertime, although in reality they are present the year round. In Tromso and Finnmark, you can see the Northern Lights every other clear night, if not even more frequently. From southern Norway you can see them a few times each month.

Learn about when and where to see it, and how the Aurora Borealis is created and how to photograph the Northern Lights!


2. The Midnight Sun in Scandinavia

Midnight Sun, Norway © NOAA.GOV

The Midnight Sun occurs in Scandinavia during the earlier summer months (May, June, and July) so it is great for travelers to experience during summer vacations. There are quite a few myths regarding this natural phenomenon. It is the exact opposite of the Polar Nights occurring in winter (see below), and the Midnight Sun is also known as the Polar Days.

Find out about how, when and where this event happens here: Midnight Sun.

3. Polar Nights in Scandinavia

Polar Night In Norway, Scandinavia

Don't shy away from traveling to Scandinavia in the winter. Polar Nights do not mean spending countless months in darkness. Depending on the location of your destination, there may be a lot more light than you expect! Actually, regions experiencing Polar Nights often get more sunlight per year than other destinations.

Learn about the interesting background of this phenomenon and and possible implications for travelers here: Polar Nights.


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