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Useful Words & Phrases in Norwegian

Norwegian for Travelers


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Part of the series The Scandinavian Languages

Pronunciation guide for Norwegian words and Norwegian phrases:

  • A as in father
  • E as in bed
  • I as in beat
  • U as in food
  • Æ as in mad
  • Ø as in hurt
  • Å as in ball
  • Most consonants are pronounced similar to English, with these exceptions:
  • J is pronounced like the "y" in yes
  • R is a little more "rolled" than the English R
  • Special Norwegian pronunciations:
  • KJ, KI and KY make a soft k-sound without actually blocking the throat, so that the air makes a sound as it squeezes out
  • SJ, SKY, SKJ and SKI as in shop

Yes = Ja
No = Nei
Thank you = Takk
Thank you very much = Tusen takk
You're welcome = Vær så god
Please = Vær så snill
Excuse me = Unnskyld meg
Hello = Hallo
Goodbye = Ha det
I do not understand = Jeg forstår ikke
How do you say this in Norwegian? = Hvordan sier man dette på norsk?

Where is ...? = Hvor er ...?
How much is the fare? = Hvor mye koster billetten?
One ticket to ..., please. = En billett til ..., takk.
Train = Tog
Bus = Buss
Norwegian Subway, Underground = T-bane
Airport = Flyplass
Train station = Jernbanestasjon
Bus station = Busstasjon
Are there any vacancies for tonight? = Er det noe ledig for i natt?
No vacancies = Alt opptatt.

How much does this cost? = Hvor mye koster dette?
What is this? = Hva er dette?
I'll buy it. = Jeg kjøper det.
I would like to buy ... = Jeg vil gjerne ha ...
Do you have ... = Har du ...
Do you accept credit cards? = Tar dere kredittkort?

Norwegian Tourist Information = Turistinformasjon
Museum = Museum
Bank = Bank
Norwegian police station = Politistasjon
Hospital = Sykehus
Store, Shop = Butikk
Restaurant = Restaurant
Church = Kirke
Restrooms = Toalett

one = en
two = to
three = tre
four = fire
five = fem
six = seks
seven = sju
eight = åtte
nine = ni
ten = ti

Day = Dag
Week = Uke
Month = Måned
Year = År
Monday = mandag
Tuesday = tirsdag
Wednesday = onsdag
Thursday = torsdag
Friday = fredag
Saturday = lørdag
Sunday = søndag
Today = I dag
Yesterday = I går
Tomorrow = I morgen

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