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Useful Words & Phrases in Faroese - Faroese for Travelers

Learn Easy Faroese Phrases for Travelers


The Flag of the Faroe Islands

The Flag of the Faroe Islands

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Part of the series The Scandinavian Languages

Faroese is spoken on the Faroe Islands and in Denmark by about 70,000 Scandinavians. People speaking Faroese often also speak Danish or Norwegian. Faroese can also be spelled Faeroese and shares grammar similarities with Icelandic.

Let's start with a pronunciation guide for Faroese:

Faroese stressed vowels are often long. The exception: two consonants make the vowel sound short. If you see "skt" in a Faroese word, tr to pronounce it "k-st" if the word has only one syllable, and just "st" the word has more syllables. A "ð" at the end of a Faroese word is silent.

And now on to useful words and phrases in Faroese, with the approximate pronunciation in brackets.

Useful Basics in Faroese:
Hello: Góðan dag (gouwan dae)
Goodbye: Farvæl (farrvael)
Yes: Ja (yah)
No: Nei (nigh)
Please: Góði/góða (gouwe/gouwa for male & female)
Thank you: Takk (tak)
Excuse me (sorry): Orsaka meg (Or-saeka may)
Do you speak English?: Duga tygum enskt? (Doowa teeyum enkst)
I don't understand: Eg skilji ikki (eh schil-ji eetje)
Faroese: Føroyskt (foroyst)

Faroese Small-Talk:
What's your name?: Hvussu eita tygum (kvusu oytah teeyum)
Where are you from?: Hvaðan ert tú? (Vawahn air-dooh)
I am from...: Eg eri úr... (eh ehr-ee oohr)
This is my wife/husband: Hetta er kona mín/maður mín.
I would like this, please: Kundi eg fingið hetta (kundi eh fingee-etah)
I love you: Eg elski teg (eh elsgih deh)

Directions & Travel:
North: norður (nordoohr)
East: eystur (aystoor)
South: suður (soo-doohr)
West: vestur (vestoohr)
Where are you going to?: Hvagar fert tú? (Vahar fair-dooh)
Have a nice trip: Góða ferð (goodah fair)

Numbers in Faroese:
Zero: Null (nool)
One: Eitt (oyt)
Two: Tvey (tvay)
Three: Trý (troy)
Four: Fýra (fayrah)
Five: Fimm (fim)
Six: Seks (sex)
Seven: Sjey (shay)
Eight: Átta (ottah)
Nine: Níggju (nuyg-ju)
Ten: Tíggju (tuyg-ju)

Days & Times in Faroese:
Morning: morgun (more-gun)
Afternoon: seinnapart (saidn-apart)
Evening: kvøld (k-vold)
Night: nátt (not)
Today: í dag (uy day)
Tomorrow: í morgin (uy morgeen)
Tonight: í kvøld (uy k-vold)
Yesterday: í gjár (uy gjahr)

Useful Faroese Phrases for Emergencies:
Call a doctor: Ring eftir einum lækni (ring efteehr nemlecknee)
Hospital: hospital (hospi-tahl)
Police station: politistøð (poleetee stow)

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