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Country Profile: Denmark


Population: 5.4 million
Capital: Copenhagen
Language: Danish

Area: 43,098 sq km (16,640 sq miles)
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Currency unit: 1 krone = 100 ore
Denmark decided not to adopt the Euro as a currency.

Main exports: Machinery and equipment
GNI per capita: US $47,390
International dialing code: +45
Electricity: About electrical outlets in Denmark

Politics & Regions:


Denmark has a temperate climate and can be humid and overcast. The winters are mild and windy here, and the summers are cool. Generally, the best time to travel is May through mid-August. Read more: Weather in Denmark


If you'd like to rent a car and drive, make sure to learn about driving in Denmark. The largest airport is Kastrup International Airport (airport code CPH) in Copenhagen. You can compare flight prices here.

There also are daily bus and rail services between Germany and Denmark and the Oresund Bridge which links the metro area of Copenhagen to Sweden. Within Denmark, the extensive bicycle routes are a favorite means of alternative transportation.


  • Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten - widely-read daily
  • Berlingske Tidende - daily
  • Politiken - daily
  • Ekstra Bladet - daily tabloid

Major TV channels:

  • DR TV - public, operates channels DR1 and DR2
  • TV2 - national, commercial
  • TV3 - commercial satellite channel
  • TV Danmark - local commercial stations

Major radio stations:

  • DR Radio - public, operates P1, P2, P3, P4 national networks
  • Sky Radio - national
  • Radio 100 FM
  • Radio 2
If you're traveling to other Danish regions, see Faroe Islands Travel Guide and Greenland Travel Guide
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