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Contains transportation advice on trains, bikes, and public transport as well as transportation suggestions for travelers visiting Scandinavia. Also offers Scandinavian maps for tourists and visitors for trip planning help.
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How to Get Around Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
How to Get Around Stockholm-Arlanda Airport? Stockholm-Arlanda Airport has four terminals in use. Since the airport is quite big, arriving can be a confusing experience. Arlanda is almost shaped like a horseshoe, with international flights going through terminal 2 and 5, while domestic flights go through terminal 3 and 4.

How to Get Around Copenhagen International Airport (CPH)
How to Get Around Copenhagen International Airport (CPH). Initially called Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) is the busiest airport in Scandinavia with around 25 million passengers passing through it every year.

How to Get Around Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
How to Get Around Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the main international airport serving Finland and has two terminals.

The Oresund Bridge: The Connection of Denmark & Sweden
The Oresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. Here are practical travel tips, construction facts, and bridge crossing tolls for the Oresund Bridge in Scandinavia...

Scandinavia Tour Suggestions (Staying 3 - 20 Days)
Depending on the length of your stay in Scandinavia, this tool suggests which destinations in the popular parts of Scandinavia you might want to include, if you stay between 3 days and 3 weeks.

Airports in Scandinavia
The large, international airports in Scandinavia are the first arrival point for travelers flying to Scandinavia. So, which Scandinavian airport is closest to your final travel destination?

Flights to Scandinavia
Find airlines that offer flights to Scandinavia in this useful travel article. In this overview, Scandinavia travelers can learn about the different airlines flying to Scandinavia and compare all flight prices to get the best deal.

Scandinavia Maps
Complete map gallery containing several maps of the Scandinavian countries and surrounding region.

Airport Security Rules: Current Airport Security Rules & Regulations
Find out about current security regulations at airports for domestic and international travel and get practical tips to prepare for airport security.

Distance Calculator for Scandinavia
Use this Distance Calculator for Scandinavia to calculate your driving or tour distances between major cities.

Driving Distances Between Cities in Scandinavia
Driving distances in Scandinavia can be viewed with this tool. An easy-to-use map for travelers looking to find distances between Scandinavia's big cities. Includes cities in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Distances in miles.

Ferries in Scandinavia
Find ferries in Scandinavia with this ferry finder tool for connections between coastal cities in Scandinavia and between Scandinavia and nearby countries.

What's the Kattegat, Where's the Kattegat?
What's Kattegat? Find out what the Kattegat is and where the Kattegat is located on the map. Definition and explanation of Kattegat.

Where and What is the Skagerrak?
The location of the Skagerrak, pronunciation of Skagerrak, and a clear definition of this arm of the North Sea. What is the Skagerrak?

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) profile and airline information, along with reviews of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), the popular airline serving the Scandinavian countries.

Drinking on Cruises
Drinking on cruises raises the question of age requirements for drinking alcohol while on a cruise. Find out the current age limits for drinking on cruises with different cruise lines here.

CityBike: Free Bicycles In Copenhagen, Denmark
CityBike is very popular in Copenhagen and offers a free, eco-friendly transportation service: free bicycle rentals!

Transportation in Copenhagen
Copenhagen offers various types of transportation, and visitors can easily get around using the extensive public transportation network. Or maybe you prefer renting a car? Let's find out what will suit you best...

CityBike Transportation: Renting Bicycles In Norway
About the CityBike service for Scandinavia travelers. In Norway, CityBike offers travelers a cheap eco-friendly green alternative transportation service in several cities.

CityBike: Renting Bicycles In Stockholm, Sweden
Find out more about the CityBike service for Scandinavia travelers in Stockholm. This is a well-priced eco-friendly transportation alternative in the Swedish capital.

Where is the Gulf of Bothnia?
The Gulf of Bothnia is a large body of water between two Scandinavian countries and the southern end of the gulf includes the romantic Åland Islands. In the western region of the Gulf of Bothnia travelers can enjoy untouched wilderness.

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