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Finding Flights to Scandinavia

Where Flights to Scandinavia Can Be Found




Frontier Airlines

Find airlines that offer flights to Scandinavia in this useful travel article, and compare cheap and low-cost airline prices through Expedia's Flight Price Comparison. The following airlines offer the best flights to and from Scandinavia:

- Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
This multi-national airline is Scandinavia's leading carrier and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. SAS is a member of the Star Alliance. It is also the founder of Spanair and Scanair. SAS operates out of three primary hubs, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, Copenhagen and Oslo Airport.

- US Airways
Also part of the Star Alliance, US Airways is is an American low-cost airline and the fifth-largest carrier in the US. This airline offers speedy connections and its major destination in Scandinavia is Stockholm, Sweden.

- Continental Airlines
This is the fourth-largest airline in the U.S, offering flights to Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden. Contintental is the only US airline offering direct flights to Norway.

- Finnair
A medium-sized airline based in Finland, Finnair offers flights from the US to Stockholm, Sweden as well as Helsinki, Finland.

- IcelandAir
IcelandAir is based out of Reykjavik in Iceland and despite its comparatively small size, operates services to 26 cities in 12 countries, amongst which are 5 U.S. airports (mainly US east coast).

- Air Greenland
Air Greenland operates mainly domestic services, with international services to Copenhagen in Denmark. The airline is relatively new to the international flight market outside Scandinavia and now offers direct flights from Baltimore (US) to Greenland.

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