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Current Airport Security Rules & Regulations


Airport Security Checkpoint

Airport Security Checkpoint


Clarifying Airport Security Rules:

Many travelers are confused about current security rules and procedures, especially if they haven't been flying recently. Let's get you up to date with the latest airport security regulations and tips for faster security screening for your next flight...

"Bodyscanners" are voluntary for passengers. Those who do not wish to receive millimeter wave screening simply undergo metal detector screening and a pat-down.

Current Airport Security Rules:

Basic airport security rules are identical for U.S. and European fliers at the moment (however, airline's luggage policies differ). Knives are strictly prohibited. And, you may have heard of the "Ban on Liquids". It's no longer a ban, but bringing your liquids on a plane is still highly restricted. Liquids include: water, drinks, soups, syrups, creams, lotions, oils, shampoos, shaving foams, toothpastes, gels, and all items of similar consistency.

How to Take Liquids Through Airport Security:

Ensure that all your carry-on liquids, gels and aerosols are in containers that hold a maximum of 3 ounces (100 mililiters). Put all containers with liquids in a single, quart-size (1 liter size), resealable, clear plastic bag. Place that bag in an X-Ray bin or on the conveyor belt for X-ray screening. 1 bag per traveler!

Exceptions to the Ban on Liquids:

The following items must be presented to the airport security officer separately: Baby formula, breast milk, medications (liquids, gels, aerosols), eye drops, and saline solution for medical purposes; prosthetic bras or shells containing gels; and gels or frozen liquids needed to cool certain medical items.

How to Speed up Security Screening:

No matter at which national or international airport you are, present all your liquids to the airport security screener at the security checkpoint. Remove your coat and/or purse and put them on the X-Ray machine's belt. Laptops, DVD players, breathing machines, and video cameras go through the X-Ray machine separately.

Can I Bring a ???:

To find out if you can bring a specific item through airport security, take a look at this list: Currently Permitted and Prohibited Items (TSA). For luggage size and weight restrictions, go to the luggage policies in Scandinavia here.

Careful When Changing Planes:

Many passengers don't think they have to worry about going through security on a connecting flight. However, if you arrive in the US and catch a connecting flight, you will have to go through security again.

Example: Travelers with a carry-on bag containing alcohol or perfume from a European airport's duty free shop MUST put those items in their checked baggage when picking up their suitcase after going through customs - before rechecking in for the second flight. All duty free items are subject to the TSA's current liquids rules described above!

What NOT to Do:

Don't try to smuggle liquids, knives, etc. through; it won't work and security will then have to hand-search your carry-on. You can also be fined - even if the no-no was "accidental" and you forgot it was in your carry-on...

Current Airport Security Rules in Europe:

Europe is also using the restriction on liquids = 100 milliliters (0.1 liters) are all that's allowed. This goes for water, beverages, gels, creams, and anything that might have a similar consistency. Do not forget to allow at least 1 hour more for European airport security - security checks in the E.U. are more stringent and thorough, and take a longer time than in the U.S.
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