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How to Get Around Stockholm-Arlanda Airport


Dog at the Airport

Dog at the Airport

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Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN) is Sweden’s largest international airport, handling a lot of the country's international and domestic air traffic. It is located 37 km north of Stockholm, near the town of Marsta in Sweden.

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport has four terminals in use. Since the airport is quite big, arriving can be a confusing experience. Arlanda is almost shaped like a horseshoe, with international flights going through terminal 2 and 5, while domestic flights go through terminal 3 and 4. (There is no terminal 1.)

Each terminal of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport has its own selection of interesting shops and things to do. In total, there are 35 retailers and 33 restaurants. A central building, SkyCity, connects Terminals 4 and 5. Everything is very efficient for a high volume airport. Information desks can be found at terminals 2, 4 and 5. This is also where you will be purchasing train tickets.

There are three train stations at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, called Arlanda South, Arlanda North, and Arlande Central, so it really isn’t very confusing. The central station mainly serves trains going on long distance trips. The long distance trips only operate from here. The fastest way to travel is on the Arlanda Express. It travels non-stop between the airport and Stockholm every 15 minutes throughout the day. Children under the age of 7 get to travel for free. The train has two entry points at terminal 5, and it also stops at terminal 4 and the junction at terminal 2. To travel back to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, catch the express at the Central Station (Centralstationen) in Stockholm.

The idea of renting a car in Stockholm might appeal to some who which to explore the city at their own leisure. Car hire is available just outside of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. During peak hours, airport transfer buses operate between the terminals and car rental companies. Outside Central Station, you can look out for Statiol and Avis.

Taxis are located outside each terminal. There should be fixed rates in place to travel to and from Stockholm to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Private taxi companies might vary, so always ensure that you have settled on the rate before you leave the airport. The biggest taxis in the area are Flygtaxi, Taxi 020 – if you are booking from abroad, Taxi Kurir and Taxi Stockholm. Flygtaxi is the airport taxi, and can be booked at the same time with the flight. If you want to make use of a “green” or environmentally friendly taxi, look out for the “ecotaxi” sign.

Some buses in Stockholm also run on environmentally friendly biofuel. The public bus, Upplands Lokaltrafik (UL) runs between the airport and the city center. On returning to the airport, the busses can be found at the Central City Station in Stockholm every 10 minutes. The average journey should take about 45 minutes. Children under 16 will travel for free if they are accompanied by an adult.

The airport shuttles to and from the city are a little bit more comfortable than the buses. They depart at terminals 2, 4 and 5 towards the city.

Another option is the underground train system. If is extremely efficient with 100 stations covering the city. Trains run from 5.00 am until 1.00 am the next morning. You may purchase a Stockholm Card as well. This is a practical discount pass that offers free entry to certain attractions and it makes allowance for unlimited public transport on all of the city’s buses, trains, subways and trams!

If you have some time to spare in this beautiful city, renting a bike is very easy and convenient. There are cycle paths aplenty, and is often faster than taking the bus, while offering more scenic views of the city.

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