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Driving in Norway

Here are some important driving basics for visitors.


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So you want to drive during your next trip through Norway, but aren't sure how? Find out how to drive in Norway with these 6 useful driving tips:

1. Important Basics for Driving in Norway

Norwegians drive on the right, with their headlights on at all times (which is the law). Road signs use standard international symbols and might include Norwegian phrases. 1 kilometer equals 0.6 miles.

2. Speed Limits in Norway

Speed demons might want to drive somewhere else. Norway's speed limit on highways is only 90 km/h (56 mph). On open country roads you can go 80 km/h, and in towns it's 50 km/h.

3. Norwegian Safety Regulations

Check if you have your seat belts on, the headlights on, and that you have a warning triangle and visibility wests for emergencies. All these are legally required. You may want to use studded tires if you visit northern Norway (e.g. the North Cape) in winter.

4. Alcohol While Driving

When it comes to drunk driving, Norway has the strictest laws in Europe. The maximum blood alcohol content is only 0.1 promille (which is only a small glass of a weak drink) and there are hefty punishments for violators.

5. Documents for Driving in Norway

Let's see what you will need when you drive in Norway: your driver's license, foreign passport, vehicle registration document (V5), and proof of insurance.

6. Emergency Assistance on the Road

Here, Norway differes a little from its Scandinavian neighbors. Emergency services can be reached under different phone numbers: 110 for the fire department, 112 for the police, and 113 for ambulances.

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