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Driving in Sweden

Here are some important driving basics for visitors.


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You'll be driving on your next Sweden vacation? Find out more about how to drive in Sweden, and get useful driving tips for Swedish roads...with these 7 practical tips for drivers:

1. Important Basics for Driving in Sweden

Road through Swedish landscape
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In Sweden, you drive on the right. You can pass slower vehicles on the left in a safe manner. Road signs use standard international symbols and sometimes include Swedish phrases. 1 kilometer equals 0.6 miles.

2. Speed Limits in Sweden

Street in Malmo (Malmö), Sweden
© S. Varamig
Speed signs in Sweden are round and yellow, with a red outline. The speed limit for city areas is 31 mph (50 kph). On open country roads, it is 55 mph (90kph) and on highways 68 mph (110kph).

3. Swedish Safety Regulations

Seat belts are required, and the same goes for your headlights. Lights must be on at all times. Snow tires are required from December until March.

4. Alcohol While Driving in Sweden

Sweden is VERY strict when it comes to drunk driving. Police can require a breathalyzer test without reason, and if it's over 0.2 promille, there will be a high fines and/or jail sentence.

5. Renting a Car in Sweden

Renting a car in Sweden is easy, but note that the minimum age for renters is 20. The car rental agency will want to see your passport and foreign driver's license, at the very least. Click to compare current rates and details.

6. Documents for Driving in Sweden

To drive legally in Sweden, you will need your driving licence, your passport, and the car's insurance certificate and registration.

7. Emergency Assistance on the Road

In emergencies, you can reach the Police, local fire department, and ambulance by calling "112" nationwide in Sweden.

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