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Top 10 Free Things to Do in Scandinavia


Despite Scandinavia having the reputation of being expensive, there are various free things to do in Scandinavia. Budget travelers, get ready to pick your favorite free Scandinavian activities and attractions here!

10 Free Things to Do in Each City

Changing of the Royal Guard in Stockholm
Courtesy of www.mil.se

There is a lot you can do and see in Scandinavian cities without paying anything. Most travelers don't even know about these free things, unfortunately - so let's learn how to create a fun-filled trip on a budget with my recommendations for each city's 10 best free things!

A Free Natural Phenomena Experience

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
PubDom NASA.gov
Scandinavia offers the most amazing natural phenomena, especially in the region of the Arctic circle, in northern Scandinavia. Enjoy this free show of three Scandinavian natural phenomena: the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), the Midnight Sun or even the phenomena of the Polar Nights...free experiences that will last a lifetime.

Free Annual Events & Festivals

Outdoor festival/event in Copenhagen, Denmark
© Harriet P. 2007
Scandinavia hosts more annual events and festivals than most other regions in the world. Numerous events are free, like the Kivik Apple Market Festival in Sweden, where you get lots of fun and activities for free admission. Besides the free events, you can also experience local traditions like the Carving of Dala Horses. Leran which free Scandinavian events take place at the time of your vacation!

Free Visit to the North Cape

North Cape, Norway
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The North Cape (Norway) is northern Scandinavia's most popular travel destination. It is a free, unforgettable experience offering visitors breathtaking views, unusual climatic conditions, the dramatic cliff itself - and the fact that one is standing at Europe's northern end!

Free Transportation in Copenhagen

CityBikes in Scandinavia
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CityBike is very popular in Copenhagen and offers a free, eco-friendly transportation service: free bicycle rentals! CityBikes is a free alternative transportation service available to everyone. Denmark's capital has over 1,300 CityBikes which are parked in over 110 bicycle stations downtown.

Free Admission in Slottsskogen, Gothenburg

Gothenburg in Sweden (Goteborg)
Budget travelers looking for free things to do in Gothenburg always recommend Slottsskogen, and I agree. Slottsskogen is a park which offers the Natural History Museum, a children's zoo, as well as a family animal park. Don't miss the feeding of the seals at 2 pm! The park is also home to the city's oldest observatory. For a relaxing day on a short budget, go to this free park.

The Free Trondheim Walking Tour

Domkirke in Trondheim, Norway
J. Adde, Trondheim Kommune
A self-paced, relaxed walking tour through the historic town of Trondheim in Norway leads budget travelers to several sights and historic buildings that every traveler should see on their Norway vacation.

The Free Stockholm Walking Tour

Djurgården Bridge
© KHG licensed to About.com
Stockholm's Djurgården is an island right in the middle of Stockholm, known for its beautiful parks, free sights, popular events, and tourist attractions. This is a great tour of Stockholm's interesting parts, lasting approx. 2 - 2 1/2 hours. No Stockholm visitor should miss this free experience!

Free Wildlife Experience

Reindeer in Norway
Scandinavia is still very much a natural habitat for many species of wildlife and preservation laws are strict. All the better for travelers interested in seeing some wildlife in their natural habitats in Scandinavia! Leave the big city and head for rural areas and start watching - you will see some very unique animals.

Free Transportation in Norway

CityBikes in Scandinavia
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CityBike is available in 4 different Norwegian cities: Norway's capital Oslo, in Trondheim, in Bergen and in Drammen. The Norwegian CityBike service is free in most cities, and low budget-priced in others.

Free Swimming & Sunbathing

Beach in Selje, Norway
© Terri M. 2008
Don't miss the beaches of the "Swedish Riviera" or Norway's "Paradise Bay"! It's easy to find a great sandy beach area near your Scandinavian destination. (If you're looking for beaches where clothes are optional, take a look at locations of nude beaches in Scandinavia instead.) Recommended family beach locations are listed here:

Free Tips to Save Money in Scandinavia

Scandinavian Coins & Bills
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If none of these free things to do in Scandinavia appeal to you, just take a look these 10 Budget Travel Tips to make your Scandinavian vacation cheaper without changing your plans.
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