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Travel Tips for Norway

Lots of practical Norway travel information with listings of local events in Norway, things to do, hotels, restaurant and dining reviews and attractions for all Norway travelers.
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10 Things Not to Do in Norway
There are ten actions and topics that are best avoided in Norway. By knowing the subtle cultural differences, you will understand what not to do in Norway and why.

Country Profile: Norway
This country profile of Norway provides facts and figures about Norway, along with information about Norway's weather, transportation, media and press, economy, and other basics.

Weather in Norway
Norway weather information, climate and monthly temperatures for travelers wishing to learn about Norway's travel weather, climate statistics and temperatures...

10 Best Sights & Attractions in Norway
It can be hard to pick the best sights and attractions in Norway, but if you're planning a trip there and want some advice on must-see sights in Norway, start with this list of the top 10.

Useful Words & Phrases in Norwegian
Useful Norwegian phrases for travelers and Norway tourists: This article offers basic Norwegian phrases and useful words that are easy to learn for everyone traveling to Norway!

When to Go to Norway
See when to go to Norway and find out which times of the year are best to travel to Norway. We'll explain the best times to visit and when to go to Norway.

Customs Regulations & Rules for Norway Travelers
Customs regulations in Norway easily explained for both EU and non-EU travelers. Find out which goods are allowed through customs in Norway, what the Norwegian duty free limits are, and how to bring your pet to Norway.

Visiting the North Cape in Norway
The North Cape is the northern most point of Norway and a popular travel destination for tourists and Scandinavia travelers. Learn about the Northcape, its location, nature, and activities in this article.

Lillehammer - The Travel Guide
If you're interesting in visiting Lillehammer, you've come to the right place. Here are all the travel tips you need for a visitor to the beautiful town of Lillehammer, Norway.

Beaches in Norway: The Best Norwegian Beach Areas
Norway isn't known for its beaches, so summer travelers are often surprised at the many beautiful beaches in Norway. With a short swimming season, learn where the best beaches in Norway are before you travel...

What Time Is It in Norway?
What time is it in Norway? Find out what time it is in Norway with this helpful travel tip informing you which time zone Norway is in, and about daylight saving time in Norway.

The North Cape Driving Tour: Driving to the North Cape
The North Cape Driving Tour: Interested in driving to the North Cape? Get the driving route and travel information in this travel article about the North Cape driving tour.

The Geirangerfjord in Norway
The Geirangerfjord in Norway is a popular travel destination. What's the Geirangerfjord, where is the Geirangerfjord, and what does it offer Norway visitors?

How Safe is Norway?
Norway is safer than a lot of other countries, as long as you keep some basic travel safety tips in mind to avoid petty theft, and don't stay in poorly lit areas late at night.

Norway's CityBike Transportation Service
About the CityBike service for Scandinavia travelers: CityBike offers travelers an eco-friendly alternative transportation service through these Norwegian cities, by bike.

Jobs in Norway
How do you find jobs abroad? Search jobs in Norway and learn about your immigration status and how to get a work permit for your job in Norway...

How to Travel to Norway With a Dog or Cat
About traveling to Norway with your dog or cat. Find out what you need to do before you travel to Norway with a dog or cat. Here are the requirements to take cats / dogs to Norway.

Toilets in Norway - What Can You Expect From Toilets in Norway?
Need to find a toilet in Norway during your visit? Keep these toilet tips in mind when you have to "go" in Norway. What to expect from Norwegian toilets...

Traveling Healthy in Norway: Vaccinations & Medical Care
Noone wants to get sick while traveling. Stay healthy in Norway by learning about required vaccinations for Norway travelers, medical treatment, and emergency contacts.

Getting Married in Norway
Are you thinking about getting married in Norway during your vacation? Feel like eloping? Find out what kind of information and documentation Norway requires from foreign couples wanting to get married there on their vacation.

The Spitsbergen Travel Guide
The Spitsbergen Travel Guide. Traveling to Spitsbergen, local accommodation, nature, weather, activities, and more. All about traveling to Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago.

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Norway
The Holmenkollen Ski Jump is one of Norway's greatest attractions. Located near Oslo, Holmenkollen events include ski jumps and practice jumping, cross-country or slalom, especially during Norway's colder winter months.

Norwegian Embassies in the US, UK & Other Countries
Find the Norwegian embassy closest to you with this list of addresses of Norwegian embassies worldwide, no matter where you live.

How to Call Norway
Calling Norway is easy with these instructions and calling tips for Norway from anywhere in the world. If you're unsure how to call Norway by phone, just follow this simple calling guide.

Winter Sport Resorts In Norway
Travelers enjoying winter sports can find a list of Norway's ski resorts and Norwegian winter sports destinations to travel to for their ski trip or vacation.

Which Type of Electrical Outlet is Used in Norway?
Which type of electrical outlet is used in Norway? What kind of plugs do they use? Find out here if you need a power converter, an adapter, or a transformer to use electrical outlets in Norway.

Tipping in Norway
Tipping in Norway is done differently from other countries. In Norway, tipping is not very common unless the guest wishes to leave a percentage tip for outstanding service. Find out more about tipping in Norway here.

Norway Visa & Documentation
Before you go, have your visa and documentation questions answered here. Find out if you need a visa and what kind of documentation you may need to enter this Scandinavian country.

Nudism in Norway
Norway offers naturalists many nude beaches and Norway travelers can enjoy clothes-free beaches along most of the Norwegian coast. Find out more if you're interested in naturalism in Norway!

Norwegian Christmas Traditions & Customs
Find out how Norwegians celebrate traditional Christmas in Norway, Scandinavia - so you'll know which celebrations, traditions and seasonal customs to expect on your trip.

The Best Cities in Norway?
Tell us about the best cities in Norway! What are your favorite cities?

Best Places to Visit in Norway
The Best Places to Visit in Norway: Tell us about the best places to visit in Norway! What are your favorite sights in Norway, great attractions, and landmarks?

Recipe For Fiskepudding
The recipe for Fiskepudding and Fiskefarse, favorite Norwegian dishes. If you miss Norway after your vacation, try this!

Eurovision 2010 in Norway
The 2010 Eurovision Song Contest hosted by Norway takes place in May 2010. Dates, location, and ticketing information for the Eurovision 2010 in Norway. About the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Norway.

Norway Photo Gallery
Pictures from Norway - take a look at photos from Norway's most beauitful spots and destinations.

The Best Cities in Norway
Many cities in Norway are well worth a visit, but which are the best cities? Here are our picks for the best cities in Norway for visitors.

Your Favorite Day Trip from Oslo
What's your favorite day trip from Oslo? See the most popular day trip ideas, and share with other travelers what kind of day trip idea you think is the best day trip from Oslo.

Favorite Destinations in Norway
Show readers your favorite destination in Norway, see other travelers' favorites, and post an entry about the destinations in Norway you like best.

Why Should You Go to Norway?
Let's find out why you should go to Norway. This country gives travelers multiple reasons for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Among them are its unique nature, history and free events. So why Norway? Because...

How to Save Money in Norway
Since we're not all made of money, here are some practical and easy-to-follow tips on how to save money in Norway. This way, you'll be able to see Norway while saving money.

10 Things I Love About Norway
10 things I love about Norway? There is much to love about Norway, and here are my favorites. Some of Europe's wildest and most beautiful land- and seascapes are found in Norway.

10 Things I Hate About Norway
However, there are also people who share some pretty dismal travel stories of Norway and I found that I can actually identify with a lot of them. Let me see, the 10 things I hate about Norway are....

Marijuana in Norway
Is cannabis legal in Norway? Under current marijuana laws in Norway, it is illegal to possess, sell, transport and cultivate marijuana, but there may be one exception.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go to Norway
5 Reasons not to go to Norway. Although many people love to live in, work in or visit Norway, it might not be all that you imagine it to be.

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