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North Cape: Visiting the North Cape in Norway


North Cape, Norway

North Cape, Norway

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The North Cape (Norway) is northern Scandinavia's most popular travel destination - and for good reason. The North Cape is a monumental natural experience, along with breathtaking views, unusual climatic conditions, the dramatic cliff itself and the fact that one is standing at Europe's northern end.
Tip: North Cape Driving Tour

About the North Cape, Norway:

The North Cape is a 1,000 ft (307 meters) high cliff which is generally referred to as the northernmost point of Europe. A quarter of a million tourists visit the North Cape each summer, making it one of Norway's top travel destinations. It is located in the region of Finnmark, also called the Norwegian Lapland.

The Region of Finnmark:

On the same latitude as Greenland and Alaska you find Finnmark. Norway's Finnmark region is a wild and wonderful part of Norway. In Finnmark, travelers can visit 19 unique destinations offering everything from quiet, relaxing vacations to adventurous outdoor trips.

Activities at the North Cape:

While the North Cape is a wonderful experience in itself, travelers can also enjoy bird safaris to a nature reservation with over 2 million seabirds, or exciting Deep Sea Rafting at night. In the summer there is no sunset - there's the Midnight Sun. (also see Scandinavia's Natural Phenomena)

During the rest of the year, you can view the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). A very popular activity at the North Cape is to hike on the snow-covered mountains and cliffs. Watch out for the length of the day here in winter, though, as it can stay dark for quite a while during the time of the Polar Nights.

Getting to the North Cape:

From Oslo, Norway, travelers have several options:

North Cape Accommodation:

Many visitors stay in the town of Honningsvag, Norway which is near the North Cape. We've listed our 3 favorite Nordkapp hotels nearby, if you'd like to take a look.

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