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Jobs in Norway

Where to Go for Your Norway Job Search


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Jobs in Norway offer a wide variety of benefits, steady employment, and high pay. Finding a job in Norway isn't as hard; there is a low rate of immigration and a variety of jobs are available especially for trained, skilled professionals and IT workers.

As a non-EU citizen, you can receive a Norwegian work permit with an existing job offer from a Norwegian employer, or apply for the "Specialist Worker" status for job skills in short demand. The Norwegian Embassies can help with that.

If you aren't already located in Norway during your job search and you can't get a hold of local newspapers, there's an easier way. Simply get started with your search for jobs in Norway with these sites that are the most popular among Norwegian employers:

If you speak Norwegian, search the listings of jobs in Norway on these sites: If you can't find anything suitable, have you thought about extending your search to the surrounding countries, like Sweden and Denmark? We have practical tips for finding jobs in Scandinavia as well.
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