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Toilets in Norway - What Can You Expect From Toilets in Norway?

How To "Do Your Business" in Norway


Toilet in Norway

Men's toilet in Norway, with wall painting.

© Liam Quin/PD Lic.
You know you'll have to use a toilet sooner or later after arriving in Norway. But oftentimes, foreign toilets are different from the ones we're used to. What should you expect from Norwegian toilets?

Good Things About Toilets in Norway:

  • The toilets are modern, sometimes in Scandinavian designs, or have murals on the walls to keep you entertained.
  • Toilets in Norway are self-cleaning (public toilets) or cleaned manually on a regular basis, especially toilets in malls and sit-down restaurants.
  • There often are public toilets near popular sights.
  • There are no squat toilets I've found.
Bad Things About Toilets in Norway:
  • There are no squat toilets (just in case you're a fan of those.)
  • Just like toilets in Sweden, the ones in Norway usually cost you exact change. Better have some on hand.
  • Toilets at Norwegian airports and train stations can be smelly and unsanitary. If possible, delay your bathroom break until you reach your hotel in Norway.
All toilets are marked with the symbol for ladies/gents restrooms. Since toilets in Norway tend to cost something, people have started using toilets in restaurants. To prevent that, many restaurant toilets now have a coded lock to keep out people that aren't guests. Just ask your waiter for the code.

And to all of you guys out there: Don't "go" behind a bush or a tree. In Norway, that'll earn you an official citation and a fine.

This travel tip is part of the series Toilets in Scandinavia where you can find information about restrooms in other Scandinavian countries as well.

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