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The Weather in Norway


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The Weather in Norway
Monthly average temperatures for Oslo, Norway, in Fahrenheit

Monthly average temperatures for Oslo, Norway, in Fahrenheit

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Norway's weather is warmer than might be expected from its geographical location. Due to the warmth of the Gulf Stream, most of Norway falls within temperate climate.

In Norway, the climate varies considerably from coastal to inland areas. The coastal regions have a climate with relatively mild winters and cooler summer months. Inland areas have a continental climate with colder winters, but warmer summertime (for example Oslo). You can also check the current local weather conditions in Norway.

The Scandinavian country Norway has a climate that easily fluctuates from year to year, especially in its most northern parts. Those are located at the edge of the global temperate zone.

An interesting phenomenon in Norway (and some other parts of Scandinavia) is the seasonal change in the length of day and night. In midwinter, daylight lasts 5-6 hours in southern Norway and in the north, darkness prevails. Those dark days and nights are a Scandinavian phenomenon called the Polar Nights.

In midsummer, daylight takes over and there is no night darkness during June and July, even as far south as Trondheim. The name for this is the Midnight Sun. Learn more about Scandinavia's Natural Phenomena!.

To find out more about the weather during a specific month, visit Scandinavia by month which offers weather information, clothing tips and events for the month of your travel.

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