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Beaches in Norway: The Best Norwegian Beach Areas

Where to Find the Best Sandy Beaches in Norway


Norway isn't known for its beaches but fjords. Therefore, summer travelers are often surprised at the many beautiful beaches in Norway. With a short swimming season due to the weather in Norway, better avoid long searches and learn where the best beaches in Norway are before you travel. The three best Norwegian beach locations are:

1. South-Western Norway: Beaches Around Stavanger

Stavanger Beach Area in Norway
© Terri M. 2008
Countless top-rated Norwegian beaches are in and around the city of Stavanger in the southern parts of Norway. This is the area where you will find white sandy beaches in Norway: Solastrand, Vigdel, Hellestø Beach, Orrestranda Beach, Vaulen and Godalen (most within a 15-40 minute drive from Stavanger). To get there, just follow roads 509, 507 or 44 towards the coast. That will lead you past several of them so you can pick your favorite.

2. Oslo City Area: Beaches in Oslo

Huk Beach in Oslo
© Terri M. 2008
In the Oslo metropolitan area, try Oslo's Bygdøy peninsula to find a nice beach area. The best beaches in Oslo are Huk beach and Paradisbukta (Norwegian for Paradise Bay). Note that Huk beach is one of Norway's clothes-optional beaches. You can reach these two city beaches with bus 30A (BYGDØY line). Get off at the last stop, directly at Huk beach - or walk north for 10 minutes to reach Paradisbukta.

3. Western Norway: Beach in Selje

Beach in Selje, Norway
© Terri M. 2008
Along the western coastline of Norway in the district of Nordfjord, you'll find the romantic town of Selje. Still a travel secret, the center of this town follows a nice sandy beach area called Seljesanden which includes a small harbor. There's a daily boat service to and from Bergen. If you're driving, take road E39 from Bergen or E16 coming from the direction of Oslo.

Nude Beaches in Norway

There are quite a few beaches in Norway where clothing is optional. If that is your preference, look for nude beaches in Norway close to your travel destination. If Norway isn't the only place you'll visit, also check out other popular Scandinavian beaches!
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